Briercrest shows Keyano no love in a 3-1 battle

Posted: February 14, 2014

Briercrest didn’t show Keyano any love on their Valentine’s Day qualifier match, defeating them 3-1, scores 20-25, 25-23, 25-22, and 25-22. The teams were vying for a playoff spot as well as a chance to take on NAIT tomorrow afternoon.
Keyano’s hits came down hard to open the first set against Briercrest. Briercrest played from behind, 5-9 to slowly close in 12-12. Keyano began to extend a lead 16-12, Briercrest continuing to work away at Keyano’s lead. The points were affected by the serving game, Keyano still maintaining its lead. Cody Quiring made an incredible save to keep the rally going, but despite the continued fight, Briercrest gave up the first set, 20-25.

Briercrest got up 6-3 on Keyano early in the second set. Serving was a factor for both teams in the scoring. Keyano moved in on Briercrest 8-7 and the set continued to be tight scoring from there on. Keyano continued to look for holes in Briercrest’s blockers as they continued to one up each other point by point. Briercrest’s attackers kept firing shots and their blockers came up tight, landing back just 22-23. Carter Reimer served to end the set and Josh Senneker tooled a shot off a Keyano player to win the third set 25-23.

Serves weren’t landing in the court for either team for the first few points of the third set. After evening out 6-6, Briercrest surged ahead 10-6 before Keyano looked to make gains on Briercrest’s lead. Senneker made a sweet save after which Briercrest ended the play by putting up a huge wall, Briercrest holding fast it’s 13-9 lead. Keyano closed in, Briercrest having to work to get around their blockers. Keyano came from behind, 20-20. A Keyano player took Steve Guenther’s attack to the face and Senneker came back to finish off the play by laying down an attack. Guenther got the set, winning hit to finish up 25-22.

The fourth set was incredibly intense, Briercrest looking to wrap up the game and Keyano fighting for a shot at Provincials. Tied at 9-9, Senneker serves forced two consecutive hangers, proving a challenge for Keyano to contend with, moving up 13-9. Keyano caught up to Briercrest 13-13, and continued to match them until 17-17. After Briercrest ran up 20-17, they inched ahead with Keyano right on their heels. Up 24-22, Briercrest blockers shut down Keyano multiple times in the final play, Keyano finally hitting it out, finishing the set 25-22, Briercrest finishing the game 3-1.

Players of the game were Keyano’s Matt Powell with three digs, two aces and 18 kills and Briercrest’s Josh Wendel with nine digs, six blocks and 14 kills.

Briercrest plays NAIT tomorrow afternoon at 2:00pm in the Margaret P. Reimer Memorial Gymnasium to determine seeding at the ACAC Championships next weekend. Come support the Clippers!

Games will be streamed online at, and the Briercrest Volleyball facebook page.