A sweep against SAIT wraps up final home games

Posted: February 1, 2014

Briercrest wrapped up their season at home with a solid 85-66 win against the SAIT Trojans.

Briercrest got off to a great start against SAIT, earning a 7-2 lead, Josiah Cockrill putting in a three pointer to put Briercrest up 10-4. Ryan Fox and Wohlgeschaffen also put in threes, spanning Briercrest’s lead even further, concluding the first quarter up on SAIT, 24-16.
James Wohlgeschaffen scored Briercrest’s first bucket of the second quarter, walking right in through SAIT defense. Solid rebounding gave the Clippers amble scoring opportunity and Josh Dalzell seized it, scoring a three off a shot from the point. Briercrest offense was unstoppable, scoring 11 unanswered points to opened the second quarter before SAIT responded, 35-18. Dalzell came right back and dropped in another three pointer, making it look easy, 38-18. SAIT started whittling away at Briercrest’s lead, closing in 44-28 to end the first half.

Briercrest opened the third quarter with eight unanswered points before SAIT took a time out. Fox had significant steals in back to back plays, giving Sacoman scoring opportunity. SAIT continued to make gains on Briercrest’s lead, but the Clippers continued to advance. Sacoman scored another three and Josh Tippe provided a few points off free throws, 60-39. Wohlgeschaffen scored Briercrest’s final bucket of the quarter, jumping in off Briercrest’s shot at the buzzer to finish the third quarter ahead 63-45.

Briercrest continued to get boards in the fourth quarter, gaining additional scoring opportunity. Wohlgeschaffen had another score, rebounding off Briercrest’s own shot, Briercrest coming up 69-52. From here Briercrest ran away with the score, Wohlgeschaffen, Sacoman and Cockrill splitting four three pointers among them, ahead 84-60 at a SAIT time out. Brendan Adrian, Jared Wicks, and Jason Wegner all saw time on the court too and Briercrest wrapped up their season at home with a win over SAIT 85-66.

Players of the game were Colten Murray of SAIT with three assists, 11 rebounds, three steals and 22 points and Josiah Cockrill of Briercrest with one block, four assists, five rebounds, two steals and 12 points. James Wohlgeschaffen had the team high rebounds with nine. Brandon Friesen had a high of two blocks and Ryan Fox had a high of three steals.

Briercrest basketball travels to take on Olds next weekend, February 8-9. Games begin at 8:00pm on Friday and 3:00 on Saturday. 

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