Briercrest drops a 62-80 decision to SAIT at home

Posted: January 31, 2014

Briercrest looked to SAIT to close their season at home with a win and will continue to keep looking, dropping a 62-80 decision to SAIT.

SAIT opened the first quarter with a 10-0 lead before Briercrest got up on the board. Briercrest’s momentum gradually grew, pulling even with and surpassing SAIT 16-13. After a string of points Briercrest ended the quarter up 22-15.
The Trojans walked through Briercrest’s defense, regaining the lead 28-26 early in the second quarter. Mikayla Benner’s score brought Briercrest up again 28-28, but SAIT regained the upper hand, 39-28. Krista Wiens dropped in multiple free throws, Briercrest closing in on SAIT 32-39. Briercrest went into the half down 35-43.

Kennedy Sawatzky opened the third quarter by draining a three from the point, bringing Briercrest in 38-46. Briercrest continued to trail from a distance, the point gap getting as wide as 43-57, before Briercrest closed in, to end the quarter 51-62.

The lead remained within Briercrest’s reach into the fourth quarter, still behind only 55-66.   Despite a continued combatant effort, the Trojans overtook Briercrest and SAIT contributed to their stretch in lead, 76-55. Nicole Meyer dropped in a three for Briercrest, and Briercrest ended the game on the downside of 62-80.

Players of the game were SAIT’s Kaitie Beard with four steals, one block, two assists, four rebounds and 18 overall points, and Briercrest’s Tracy Frimpong with two steals, one assists, nine rebounds and 22 points, shooting 4-4 on free throws. SAIT’s shooting average was 29-67 while Briercrest’s was 19-57. SAIT hit 45% of their three pointers while Briercrest hit 18.8%. SAIT had 15 assists while Briercrest had 8. SAIT had five blocks while Claire Richardson had Briercrest’s only block. Most other stats were nearly equa, but the gap was too big to close for Briercrest.

The Briercrest women play SAIT again tomorrow afternoon at 1:00pm in the Margaret P. Memorial Gymnasium.