With determination, de Waal is back on the ice this semester

Posted: January 25, 2014

Briercrest freshman, Dirk de Waal is excited to hit the ice this semester after battling an injury.

The swift forward is currently in open studies at Briercrest and decided to attend Briercrest after a tough year playing junior hockey.

“Things didn’t work out with the junior team I played for last season, so on my way home I decided to stop by and say hello to my friend Tyren van Ham who was already attending Briercrest. I guess I stuck around a bit longer than just a visit,” he explained.

de Waal  has found the unique positive atmosphere of the hockey team to be one of the biggest strengths of the team.

“The special thing about being a Clipper is that we get an opportunity to serve God as a team while playing a game that we love,” he said.

“Everyone on the team has at some point experienced the negative atmosphere and culture that often occurs in hockey circles. Here at Briercrest we choose to conduct ourselves in a different way and it has been an overwhelmingly positive experience so far.”

For de Waal, determination is a key asset that he not only brings to the hockey team, but also to the way he lives out his life.

“My biggest strength as a person is my determination even when things are not working in my favour. To the team I bring a hard working mindset and an ability to keep the locker room loose and relaxed.”

de Waal’s goals revolve around growing to be the best student and athlete he can be.

“My goal as a student is to do my best and learn as much as possible. My goal as an athlete is to continue playing hockey, Lord willing, to the best of my abilities.”

When asked about his favourite moment at Briercrest he was quick to tell of his first ACAC game on home ice.

“My favourite moment at Briercrest so far was when I played my first ACAC game in front of the league’s most enthusiastic fans after spending so many games sidelined due to injury,” he said.

de Waal is relying on the Lord to lead him when his time at Briercrest has come to an end.

“After Briercrest I want to be in a fulfilling career and I trust that God will show me which paths to take. I want to be happy and successful in whatever field I end up in, and in a position to serve God there.”

Briercrest is thankful to have Dirk de Waal playing for the hockey team this season and is excited to see where the Lord leads him in the future!