Brookyln Dyck aims to make a difference on the court and in life

Posted: January 24, 2014


By Katie Buck and Shaina Friesen


The chance to play volleyball in a unique, Christian environment is what brought outside hitter, Brooklyn Dyck, to Briercrest.

“Volleyball brought me to Briercrest and also the attraction of the unique Christian culture that exists here. The people here are amazing and I have loved being a part of the student body and living in residence,” the second year business administration student explained.

When asked about her favourite moments so far at Briercrest, Dyck  pointed to the friendships she has made.

“It’s hard to pick just one. So far, the best moments at Briercrest, for me, have been the ones spending time with the amazing friends I have made, both on and off the court,”she explained. 

Speaking of her relationships with the team, Dyck revealed what she believes makes her team so special, and that is their united purpose.

“The thing that makes our team, and all of the Briercrest athletic teams, stand out in the ACAC is that we are not only pushing to become champions, but ultimately, we are striving to use the gifts and abilities given to us to honor God,”Dyck said.

Dyck brings a strong positive atmosphere to the team with her uplifting personality, her consistency on the court, and her tough serves. 

“I love being around people, and, while this may not always be a strength, in a team atmosphere it is. While I definitely bring entertainment to my teammates, not always intentionally, I believe I bring versatility and depth as well,” she explained.

As a student-athlete, Dyck has goals in both aspects.

“As a student in the business program, I would like to graduate with a degree that will allow me to find out what I would love to do. Whether this involves using my business degree in missions or strictly in the business world, my goal is to become successful, and to make a difference in the lives of people around me,” she explained.

“After my time at Briercrest, I hope to continue with volleyball as far as it will take me, and to reach my full potential in the sport, whether this be while I’m at Briercrest or after.. I would also, eventually like to start a family of my own and, ultimately, I hope to live in a way that allows God to shine through me to others.”