Younger Peterson Shines

Posted: January 18, 2014

By Shaina Friesen and Katie Buck

Hard work and a positive attitude are paying off for Starlet Peterson this year.

The second year Briercrest women’s volleyball left side is a key player in the team’s success so far in the season.  Her positive energy is apparent on and off the court as well as her determination to succeed and excel. She is always working to push and uplift her team in every practice and every game.

“[I] always strive to do my best, and push my teammates to do the same, helping them succeed in any way I can,” Peterson said. “[For the future, I plan to] finish off this year well, and explore what the future holds for me.”

Coach Nolan Weinmaster is very thankful for the impact that Peterson is having on the team.

“Star has brought so many great things to our program during her two seasons here,” Weinmaster explained. “Her great work ethic and discipline in the weight room has paid off huge for her and our team. She is always at the top end of the team in physical testing. Star’s athleticism – her speed, explosive jumping ability and movement on the court make her an amazing defender, a solid blocker and a consistent attacker.”

“She is disciplined to put in hard work on the details of her game and has continually improved her already strong serving and serve receive ability,” Weinmaster continued. “It is a blessing to coach her because she is a great team player and always wants constructive feedback to help her improve. This semester I have really noticed her ability to encourage her teammates and help others around her be confident in their abilities, which has contributed to our team unity.”

Currently enrolled in the general studies program, Peterson explains that there were several factors that influenced her decision to attend Briercrest, including “the volleyball program, and its Christian atmosphere, along with my sister Brooke already being a part of Briercrest and the team.”

Having her sister, Brooke, on the team has made this an extra special experience for Peterson.  She said that the best part about the team is the feeling of family.

“The unity and love and support we have for each other [is what makes our team special].”

Peterson recalls her favourite moment as it happened earlier last year.

“We finished off our first semester with a win against Grant MacEwan, beating the number one ranked team in the nation in my first year.”

While exploring her future plans for after Briercrest, Starlet admits that her dream would be to “go to Africa to be a friend and show love to children there.”