Uglem takes on a new role at Briercrest

Posted: January 13, 2014

A familiar face is taking on a new role at Briercrest.

Dwayne Uglem, who served eight years as the school’s president, is returning as the new director of institutional research.  It’s a position that fits him.

“I’ve done lots of work in quality assurance through the years so there’s lots of familiarity in this,” Uglem exclaimed. “I have lots of interest in this kind of work as well.”

“As Briercrest pursues university status in the years ahead, it is apparent that a whole new level of institutional research will be necessary,” Brian Gobbett, associate vice president (academic) said. “Dwayne has been one of the architects of this pursuit and it isn’t going too far to say that his leadership and research skills make him uniquely suited to this role.”

Uglem went on to explain some specific responsibilities of his new role.

“As the education team considers a new program to launch or as they do program reviews and evaluations on existing programs, this office would come to their aid and support in finding the evidence that the program’s needed or the program’s effective.”

The new director expressed what he is most looking forward to in the research position.

“I love to see things get better,” he said. “To see our programs become more effective; to see what we do next year being better than what we did this year – that’s what I would look forward to watching – to see this continual improvement where each year we’re just a little bit stronger.”

Uglem admitted that his first day back at Briercrest felt a bit surreal.

“You come back alert to the fact that even in eight months a lot has changed,” he said candidly. “You have to be alert to that and be sensitive to that. You come back realizing that you’ll interact now in different ways and so you should. It’s coming home but it’s coming home to something that is different in a good way.”

Uglem is impressed with how Briercrest’s new president Michael Pawelke is bringing positive change to the school.

“He has brought such focus and clarity and public expression to the identity of Briercrest,” he said. “This is what Briercrest has been longing for and really needing. That’s exciting.”

Pawelke is also happy to have Uglem back on the Briercrest team.

“Dwayne brings such wisdom, competency, ability, understanding, and corporate memory to virtually any task he engages in,” he said.  “I not only appreciate his friendship and encouragement, but I appreciate that he always makes himself available for counsel whenever asked.”