Kodiak Sweep for Women’s Volleyball

Posted: January 11, 2014

After taking some time off for Christmas, the girls came back firing, ready to start the second half of season strong. With the year starting off away in Lethbridge, the team was fully prepared to give the Kodiaks a battle.

Briercrest easily transitioned back into their volleyball groove, winning the first two sets with ease. In the third set the Kodiaks pushed back against Briercrest, resulting in the Kodiaks winning their first set of the match. Though the fourth set was the most evenly matched between the teams, the Kodiaks were unable to catch up to Briercrest’s strong set start.

Briercrest wins 3-1 (25-18, 25-15, 21-25, 25-18).

Player of the Game for Briercrest was Elly Wendel with 20 digs and 2.5 blocks, as well as a team high of 3 aces and 22 kills.

After claiming the win from the Kodiaks on Friday, Briercrest expected their Lethbridge opponents to come back even stronger on Saturday.

While the Kodiaks’ performance definitely did not disappoint, Briercrest kept them guessing by successfully using all their attacking options, winning the first set 25-15. Rising to the challenge set by Briercrest, Lethbridge answered the visiting team with a win in the second set.

With the match tied in set wins, Briercrest introduced a few positive substitutions in the third set to keep the Kodiaks on their toes. With the new changes, as well as continued success with digs and attacks, Briercrest was able to keep Lethbridge at 14 points by the end of the third set.

The fourth match proved to be the closest battle yet, only to be stopped by an unfortunate collision between two Kodiak players, resulting in one leaving in an ambulance with a potential concussion. With the longer delay in game, Briercrest returned to the court a little cold, resulting in the Kodiaks nearing them in points. Once back to speed, Briercrest again took control of the game, ending the match with a win.

Briercrest wins 3-1 (25-15, 21-25, 25-14, 25-22).

Player of the Game for Briercrest was Starlet Peterson with 11 kills, 1 block, and 14 digs.

The Briercrest teams return for their first home game of the semester to play the NAIT Ooks, January 17_18th, 2014. Women play at 6pm on Friday and 1pm on Saturday, with the Men’s Volleyball games to follow at 8 and 3pm respectively.

Games will be streamed online at www.sportscanada.ca and the Briercrest Volleyball facebook page.