Exciting comeback not enough to surpass Concordia

Posted: January 10, 2014

Despite the exciting come back the Briercrest men’s basketball team made in the second half, it wasn’t strong enough to dissolve Concordia’s lead.

Fans saw a variety of their Briercrest Clippers circle through the line up throughout the first quarter. Brandon Friesen scored first for Briercrest after Concordia’s eight-point lead, 8-2. Ryan Fox opened his first home game of the season by scoring a three-pointer and Friesen scored after a rebound off James Wohlgeschaffen’s shot. Briercrest ended the quarter down merely 26-16. 

Fox got the first points up in the second quarter. The crowd went wild as Wohlgeschaffen shut down multiple Concordia shots at the basket. Fox, returnee Justin Wolverton and Friesen, as well as another three-pointer from Sacoman kept Briercrest behind Concordia just 48-34 after the first half. 

The teams scored alternately for the majority of the third quarter.

The excitement in the air was tangible when Wohlgeschaffen drove it in and dunked, coming back 62-55. The momentum grew as Sacoman responded immediately with a shot of his own and ended the quarter sinking a three. Briercrest nearly closed the 67-60 gap.

Briercrest continued to look to shorten Concordia’s seven point lead going into the final quarter. Sacoman, Wolverton and Friesen scored most of Briercrest’s points, driving in to the basket. Wohlgeschaffen made a sweet behind the back pass with which Friesen scored, trailing close behind, 90-74. Briercrest continued to push ahead, keeping suspense high. Down 94-82, Briercrest called a time out and responded by surprising Concordia with an almost entirely new line up for the remaining few minutes. Despite an exciting comeback, Briercrest remained unable to overtake the tempest the thunder brought. They ended the game down 97-84.

Players of the game were Concordia’s Rob Hack and Briercrest’s Christian Sacoman with five rebounds, three assists, three steals and a high 25 games points. Ryan Fox led with eight rebounds. Justin Wolverton had six assists.

Briercrest plays Keyano College tomorrow night at 8:00pm in the Margaret P. Reimer Memorial Gymnasium.