Dobberthien’s agility gives Briercrest an extra jump this season

Posted: January 11, 2014

New to Briercrest this year, Connor Dobberthien is excited to play as one of the Clipper goaltenders this season. The agile goaltender is currently studying in the Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration program and hopes to specialize in accounting. After two strong years playing junior hockey Dobberthien felt Briercrest was the place to continue to play the game he loves while strengthening his relationship with God.

“The main reason I decided to come to Briercrest was to continue playing hockey. College hockey has always been a goal in which I hoped to reach and when the opportunity presented itself I could not refuse the offer,” he said. “Also a good friend of mine Shane Marsh was a former goaltender for the Clippers and through our conversations I came to realize that Briercrest was the right choice for me. I get to enjoy the sport I love and I get to strengthen my relationship with God.”

Connor’s positive outlook on all situations including the negative ones is an asset that cannot be missed!

“Through past experiences I have learned to fight adversity and always have a positive outlook on situations. I think that having a positive attitude can do wonders for a team and I believe that I can help the team in that area,” Dobbethien said. “As a player I am a very hard working and not afraid to put in the extra time. In working hard at practices and games I believe that I will push other players to do the same so that as a team we will be able to accomplish more.”

Dobberthien has found that his team’s strength lies within the strong relationships they have developed.

“The most special thing about our team at Briercrest is that we developed relationships with one another that will last for years to come. We always support one another in times of need and we push one another to achieve our goals. We have become a family through the hockey season and we will have that family for the rest of our lives.”

Connor described his team’s first win this season when talking about his favourite moment of the year so far.

“My favourite moment at Briercrest so far would have to be getting our first team win. There is no greater feeling than fighting through adversity with a group of close friends and accomplishing a goal in which all of us have put so much time and effort into achieving.”

After Briercrest, Dobberthien’s dream would be to play professional hockey.

“It has always been the ultimate goal growing up in a hockey crazed family; to one day have a career playing hockey.”

He also hopes to become an accountant and start a family of his own. He would love to one day teach his kids the game that has brought him so much joy and made him the man he is today.  Briercrest wishes Connor Dobberthein and the Clipper Hockey team all the best this semester!