Abbotts love for hockey at Briercrest is contagious

Posted: January 10, 2014

Briercrest freshman Micah Abbott is happy to continue to play hockey while getting a valuable education at Briercrest this year. The quick defender who leads in points for defensemen on the team is currently in general studies. Abbott explained that it was his cousin who is an alumnus of Briercrest who originally tried to convince him to come to school here.

“My cousin who went here previously tried to convince me to come to school here, however I had just started my junior hockey carrier and wanted to finish that before I committed to going anywhere else,” Micah said.  “Then last winter I received a call from the coach at Briercrest who expressed interest in me coming to school and playing on the hockey team for the 2013/2014 season. I had already been thinking about what I wanted to do after junior hockey and I came to the decision in the summer that I wanted to continue to play hockey and I figured a little school wouldn't hurt either so here I am.”

Abbott’s favourite moments at Briercrest are when he is surrounded by his team playing the game he loves.

“I have had many great moments here at Briercrest, every chance I get to put on the Clipper jersey it’s a good day! My favorite moment would probably be either the first Clipper game I played in or our win against Concordia this season.”

Micah explained that his strength lies within his ability to be easy going and a hard worker.

“I am a fairly easy going guy; I think I lighten up the room a little bit. I bring a good attitude and a hard work ethic to the team.”

Abbott feels that his team’s strongest asset is how they have become a family this year.

“There are a lot of special things about our team this year; it’s like being a part of a whole different family. We all care about one another which makes it fun to show up to the rink every day and compete.”

Academic excellence along with a hope to reach playoffs this year are Micah’s top goals for the remainder of this year.

“If I want to return here as an athlete next year I have to maintain a certain GPA average so I guess that is a goal I want to achieve, but also that I would learn as much as I can from all my classes,” Abbot said. “As an athlete, I would like to become a better hockey player and most importantly for our team to make playoffs this year. After Briercrest I would love to go play pro-hockey somewhere with my good friend and teammate Erik Robitaille.”

Micah has continued to hold onto the big dreams he once had when he was a child.

“Deep down that dream every little boy has to play in the NHL is still there so if there was a way to make miracles happen that would be my only wish. If we are talking about dreams that can actually happen then I dream for a good career to find an amazing wife and to keep God at the center of my life.”

Briercrest wishes Micah Abbott the best of luck this semester and is excited to see what is in store for him in the future.