Cockrill continues to grow in basketball and faith

Posted: January 10, 2014

After a solid rookie year, Chilliwack resident Josiah Cockrill is returning for his second season with the Briercrest men’s basketball team and is bringing his experience and leadership skills to the squad.

Cockrill, who is enrolled in the business program, initially chose to come to Briercrest for their athletic team, but chose to return for reasons beyond being a player for the nationally ranked basketball program.

“My choice to return was about more than just athletics. I returned this year because I knew Briercrest was the best place for me to continue to grow in my walk with God,” Cockrill explained.

“It also presented me with a place to pursue my business degree in addition to taking biblical courses and learning more about my Christian faith. And obviously I was able to come back and play basketball once again at the collegiate level, which is a blessing.”

When asked about his favorite moments at Briercrest, Josiah reflected on moments both on and off the court.

“My favourite moment at Briercrest athletically was the playoff run our team went on last year, even though it didn't end as we hoped it would,” he explained.

“Off the court my favourite thing about being here would have to be the relationships I have been able to make,” Cockrill said. “Without all the amazing friendships I have forged here I don't know where I would be today. I'm so blessed to have met so many amazing people.”

Those people are all determined to maintain a standard of excellence that was established in a nationally ranked run last year. “My team here at Briercrest is special in so many ways. I've been on so many teams in my past through basketball and hockey, but I've never been on a team this close,” he said.

“Every day I know my teammates have my back and support me in whatever I do athletically, spiritually, and academically. I just love coming to the gym each day and working hard with these guys.”

Although he is only in his second year, Cockrill’s leadership is displayed by bringing encouragement and energy to every practice and game.

After Briercrest Josiah hopes to pursue a marketing career wherever the Lord leads him, which he hopes is back in British Columbia.