Real life offering: Briercrest alum sees Gods timing in his musical career

Posted: January 6, 2014

Brad Guldemond’s Grade 8 yearbook read that one day he wanted to become a Christian musician. Sixteen years later his dream is now coming true.  

“It is interesting to look back on your life and see how God shapes it,” the award-winning songwriter and musician explained.

“I have been writing songs since I was 12 years old, so it’s cool to see what I envisioned finally happening,” Guldemond said. “I realize a lot of my life was just preparation for what is happening now, and I am sure, for what is come too.”

Guldemond’s journey with music began when he started playing piano at the age of eight. He continued pursuing music into his high school and college years, taking part in worship teams, choirs and musicals.

After attending Briercrest College and Seminary from 2002-2006, Guldemond worked in a variety of ministry areas, but always felt a strong desire to pursue music full-time.

“I was trying to sense it out and trying to make it happen on my own sometimes and getting frustrated,” he said. “Even though I was doing worship ministry, the dreams of my heart weren’t getting fulfilled.”

This past September Guldemond decided to leave his position as a worship pastor and take a leap of faith. It was a leap that has started him down the path to realizing his dreams.  

“I decided I was going to go for music right now and see how it goes,” he explained. “It seems like finally the time has come where God is putting His hand on (my musical career) and really blessing it.”

Although not doing music full-time yet, Guldemond is excited to see how God is at work and looks forward to becoming a full-time musician in the near future.

“I feel like I am just starting out in some ways with music. I am still working other stuff on the side while I get it going,” he explained.

“I am definitely looking bike games forward to recording and writing more music and collaborating with more people and to keep growing as an artist myself and growing in influence.”

Guldemond explained that one way God has been growing him is through the release of his first CD, Overwhelm Us, which was awarded Inspirational Album of the Year at the 2013 Covenant Awards.

“I really appreciate awards and recognition and I definitely celebrate them, but my focus is more on creating and writing music that is God inspired and music that really touches people’s lives,” he said.

Inspiration for the music he writes comes from random thoughts he may have or simply sitting down at the piano and playing. However, his main inspiration comes from God.

“The main part of my inspiration would just come out of my walk with God. If I write more spiritual songs a lot of times it might come out of something I am reading in the Bible or a conversation with someone or my own life experience and spiritual journey,” he explained.

“So, things I learn and things God has taught me that I feel other people could benefit from hearing. I like to share with others who God is and my own desires to walk with Him.”

Guldemond explained he is grateful that Briercrest has been a part of his journey in learning about God.

“Briercrest was the place I first really realized I had something with songwriting. I took a one week (modular class) with Ken Dosso and he really encouraged me and made me realize I needed to pay more attention to my gift,” he said.

“Before I wrote songs in my basement and no one had heard them or recognized them, so that course with Ken was pivotal to giving me confidence.”

Guldemond said from a young age his two passions have always been God and music and he wants to honour that through what God is now doing in his life.

“I am so passionate about Christ and leading people to Him because of how He has affected my life. I know that my relationship with God is something I cannot be without and I know how He changed my life,” he explained. 

“It’s awesome to know God is using me and my music. It is fulfilling to know that God would. I really want people to encounter God through my music and would experience all the awesome stuff that encountering God comes with.”

More information about Guldemon and his music can be found at




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