Briscoe glorifies the Lord with natural talent and leadership ability

Posted: November 30, 2013

Brooke Briscoe, #8, is a freshman student in her first year playing with the Briercrest women’s basketball team. She is currently working towards a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration. The shooting guard is already demonstrating her superb athletic ability as she has started in many of the games so far this year. Besides her obvious talent, Briscoe bring a level of intensity and passion to the game.

Briercrest women’s basketball head coach, Chad Romanuk, has been very impressed with this rookie’s commitment to the team.

"Brooke has a lot of potential to be a great player in this league,” he explained. “She has a great skill set that she can transfer into the college game."

When asked about her motivation to come to Briercrest, Briscoe said, “I always wanted to go to a bible college to learn more about my faith/theology/Scripture, especially because I never had a huge opportunity growing up because I went to public high school. I saw a really cool, unique environment at Briercrest during my recruiting visit in Grade 12 and wanted to be apart of the community here. I also always wanted to play collegiate basketball and Briercrest provided that opportunity in addition to the quality Christian education. I can’t say the cold prairie weather was it’s highest perk.”

Over the course of her first semester, Briscoe came to realize how much she loved Briercrest.

“Pulling into campus after a long weekend spent at home in BC and realizing that I had genuinely missed Briercrest that weekend, and felt satisfied to be back,” Briscoe said when asked about her first semester. “I had missed the team, the dorm girls, the classes, and the friends…that was a moment in which I had a true sense of belonging.”

Part of her sense of belonging came from being part of such a unique and special team. 

“Every girl on my team is on the same page in that we are all playing for a bigger purpose than ourselves,” she explained. “We are all passionately seeking to glorify God on the court in a way that is unique from any other team that I know of or have been a part of. The ability to freely pray with a teammate or coach and center the team around Christ is something really special.”

Briscoe’s hard working attitude is also prevalent in her studies.

“I am working towards a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration degree,” she said. “I always seek to work my very hardest on my academics and achieve the highest grades possible.”

In addition to a great work ethic, she also brings other strengths to the team.

“I have a big personality and believe I am a Motorun natural leader, which is my biggest strength as a person and on the team,” Briscoe explained. “I am not afraid to speak up when necessary and voice my opinion. I think this brings encouragement to the team in times of adversity because I can verbally help contribute to our team’s spirit of perseverance.”

Head Coach, Chad Romanuk concurs, saying, "She is very passionate about the game and has leadership qualities and potential as a leader."

When asked about her future plans, Brooke said, “basketball!”

“I know that I will always be involved with basketball my whole life,” she elaborated. “It has always been a part of my childhood and I just love the game. I would love to become a coach one day and help lead young women to become persons of integrity and character through the love of Christ and the game of basketball.”

Briercrest women’s basketball team is very proud to have Brooke on the team and see her being very successful in her future.