Wohlgeschaffen reflects on growth as leader in final season at Briercrest

Posted: November 29, 2013

James Wohlgeschaffen; 7; Guard, Men’s basketball

Back for his 5th and final year as a Briercrest Clipper, James Wohlgeschaffen brings energy and a veteran presence to the nationally ranked men’s basketball team.

Wohlgeschaffen reflects on why he came to Briercrest, saying, “I felt God’s calling on my life. Of course, most students will say the same thing; nevertheless, it is the truth.”

When asked about his favorite moment at Briercrest James refers back to last season’s playoff opportunity.

“Of course, we lost in the semi-finals, but that is the nature of basketball,” he explained. “You win some; you lose some. Nevertheless, we must give thanks to the Lord for this opportunity to play basketball with those we cherish.”

Weighing in on the season at hand James explains, “This year has been an experience in and of itself. I have been learning a lot about leadership - what it looks like and what it truly means to lead daily. Several times I have failed to lead the guys, but that is what is so special about this year. Though I may fail, I do not have to worry because I know that they will do everything to forgive me, despite my failures. In many ways, they are making me a better leader and that is what matters most to me. As well, these guys are seeking after the Lord. They are willing to hold one another accountable, no matter what the consequences. This has made for an atmosphere of freedom on and off the court. Very few people who are involved in a team sport are able to say this.”

As a veteran and a leader on the team, James offers a glimpse into the uniqueness of this year’s squad.

“This team is special, mainly because of the strength of our bond,” he explained. “Our team is strong and it is because we are ready to ‘go to war’ every day, with and for one another. Every game is emotional; people can see and feel that throughout the whole gym. Even other teams are compelled to acknowledge the bond that we share. Sure we may not be as talented as we were last year, but that is okay because our bond is what drives this team. Truthfully, I wish everyone could experience a brotherhood like this one!”

James’s goal as a student athlete is to finish the year on a positive note.

“Five years – what a journey,” James shares, “My hope and prayer is that I do what God wants me to do; that I do all things without fear, knowing that it is Him whom I should only fear.”

James notes that his biggest strength on the team this year is the energy and enthusiasm that he brings each and every day. When the season is done and the year is wrapped up, James hopes to continue playing basketball and to keep using the talents God has given him, to the best of his ability.

Briercrest College wishes James the best of luck this season and in the future!