Anderson aspires to be the best he can be in both academics and hockey

Posted: November 23, 2013

Josh Anderson, Left Wing #11- Briercrest Hockey

New to Briercrest this year, Josh Anderson is excited to join the Briercrest Clipper hockey team this season. The robust left winger is currently studying in the Bachelor of Arts in Humanities program. Anderson explains that his call to Briercrest seems to more or less run in the family.

“My sister, Erin Anderson, who is on the volleyball team, first introduced me to Briercrest,” Anderson said.  “I found out that they had a hockey program so I contacted the coach who then invited me to come to their 2013 spring camp.  When I was at spring camp I felt God wanted me to be here. The community was amazing and the guys on the hockey team were so friendly and inviting. I also really wanted to go to Bible school, so Briercrest seemed like a perfect fit.” 

Josh aspires to do his best both in his academics and on the ice.

“As a student I want to keep a 3.5 GPA or higher. I want to put just as much effort or more into my studies than I put into hockey,” Josh explained. “As an athlete, I want to get stronger and work on my stick handing. As a grind-it-out player I need to try to improve my stick handling so I can get the puck out of our zone more often and move the puck in the offensive zone more productively. As a 6-foot 4-inch guy I would like to fill out and become more dominant in the physical game.”

For Anderson the strength of his team lies within the strong relationships that bond them together.

“We are a tightly knit group of guys that have no shortage of fun,” he said. “They are truly like my brothers. I can rely on each one of them to be there for me in the game or in life. If I ever have something I need to talk about I can lean on them for guidance. Being an 18-year-old rookie I can look up to the guys for mentorship and try to be a better person.”

Josh’s highlight of the year was getting his first ACAC goal!

“It was at the season and home opener against Portage College,” he recalled. “The Barkman Arena was packed and I tipped the puck in. The place went wild. Every hair on my body was standing up, it was the most exciting moment in my hockey career and it will be hard to top.”

With strong passions for leading and teaching the younger generation Josh looks towards his future endeavors.

“When I leave Briercrest I hope to become an elementary school teacher as well as be an active member of a church,” Anderson said. “I would like to counsel camp as long as I can because I love telling kids about God’s everlasting love and seeing Him work in the lives of these young people. If nothing were holding me back I would open up an inner city youth center for underprivileged kids. I have worked at an inner city youth center for a year now and it has proven to be very influential to the kids that attend.”

Briercrest College is excited to see how the Lord uses Josh in the future and wishes him all the best this season!