SEN-NE-KER quickly becoming a force in the ACAC

Posted: November 23, 2013

Josh Senneker, #2, Right Side, Vauxhall AB, General Studies

“#2 in your program but #1 in your hearts, from Vauxhall Alberta, at Right Side, Josh Sennekerrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!”

Josh is in his second year at Briercrest and brings a physical presence to the team. He is a dynamic athlete with a great vertical and a powerful arm swing that allows him to overpower the opposition at times. With these God given talents, the men’s volleyball team is greatly helped by his ability to produce points at the net attacking and from the service line.

Senneker is also a contributor in digging and blocking, and is working hard to be consistent in all these areas.

It was the combination of a car accident, the encouragement of a High School teacher and Briercrest men’s volleyball head coach Nigel Mullan’s recruitment that brought Josh to Briercrest, and it’s been a great experience so far.

“Josh’s physical ability sets him apart from most players in the league and gives us a strong presence from the right side,” Mullan explained. “He has the personality to lighten the mood while at the same time competing hard for a championship.”

Currently enrolled in General Studies, Josh really enjoys the unity of the team and that they support and rely on each other.

A highlight for Josh was playing in the pressure packed environment of Provincials last year.

He is considering being an architect when after his time at Briercrest is done and wants to build his own house in the future.

A few of Josh’s favorites are Romans 5:3-5, Joe Sakic, KD Elites, Birthdays, and Spiritual Formation with Carl Hinderager.  He also enjoys snowboarding, playing hockey, and just hanging out with family and friends.

Your great big smile and jovial attitude are great characteristics you bring to the team and we appreciate all you do for the program Josh!! Go Clippers Go!!