Lafonds dedication sets an example for all to see

Posted: November 22, 2013

Brett Lafond, Right Wing #22- Briercrest Clippers Hockey

Hailing from the Muskeg Lake Cree nation, 1st year Brett Lafond is thrilled to be on the Briercrest Clipper hockey team this year. The dedicated forward is currently in Open Studies at Briercrest. Lafond felt it was his calling to come to Briercrest for the year and play hockey.

“I just felt that this was my calling that I needed to be here!” he said. “Another reason for coming was the hockey program. I wanted to keep playing competitive hockey and get a good education in the process, I had a couple other options to play elsewhere but I just felt that Briercrest was the best choice for me.”

Brett’s dedication to his team helps him set an example and be a natural leader.

“My biggest strength as a person would have to be my dedication to always get better, as a player and as a teammate. I always love getting on the ice and it’s the way I’ve always been,” Lafond said. “What I think I bring to the team would have to be offense and leadership, I’ve always been an offensive minded player growing up, but something I really want to get better at is my defensive game. Leadership wise, I just try my best to be an example. As a rookie you really don’t want to say too much, you leave that up to your leaders so I try my best and hopefully people start to notice.”

Lafond recognizes the uniqueness of his team’s special dynamics this year.

“Something special about our team would have to be how close all the guys have gotten in such a short period of time,” he explained. “Everybody seems comfortable with each other and we’re only a couple months in; usually you don’t see this until after the Christmas break or maybe later.”

The opportunity to meet new people and participate in campus activities have been the highlight of the year for Brett.

“My favorite moment this year would have to be the Briercrest Olympics, I thought it was a lot of fun getting to meet a lot of new people, people who are outside of the hockey team.”

Brett hopes to continue advancing in hockey after he leaves Briercrest.

“After Briercrest I would love to play pro hockey, it’s been a goal of mine since I was 15,” Lafond explained. “If I work hard day in and day out I think that it would be possible to reach one day. I am just happy that I am getting a good education in the process.”