Local student-athlete leads on the court and in the classroom

Posted: November 2, 2013

In her second year, Elly Wendel (#15) brings her competitive edge and intensity back for another season with the Briercrest women's volleyball team. The team's starting right-side player makes a powerful  presence on the court, with her strong swings and big blocks. She is also a determined student and is currently working towards a BA in Biblical Studies.  

In talking about her decision to come to Briercrest, Wendel said, “I went to CHS, and my mom is a professor here, so it seemed like a natural transition. Also, I wanted to take biblical studies and, in my opinion, Briercrest is one of the best for biblical. From a volleyball perspective, Briercrest provided a competitive, high-level experience that could help me transition into the CIS.”

Elly describes her goals as a student-athlete,“I hope to maintain A’s throughout each year. More specifically, I hope to learn more about what it means to study and interpret the Bible. As an athlete, I simply want to serve my team in the best way possible and continue to grow and develop my skills.”

She recognizes the importance of both the academic and athletic side of being a Briercrest student-athlete. Elly has a phenomenal work ethic, and strives to learn as much as she can on and off the court. 

She has been enjoying the unique environment and group of athletes on her team this season.

“We have so many talented girls, coaches, and managers who not only care about your development on the court but off the court as well,” she explained. “My team provides a family within a broader community that will consistently provide support, care and stability in each other’s lives.”

Her favourite moment so far while playing for Briercrest was the amazing home game against Grant MacEwan, a big victory as they were ranked number one in the country at the time.

Wendel brings a lot of talent and experience to the game and works hard to use her abilities for God's glory and the success of the team.

“I suppose a strength that I have would be my competitiveness and intensity,” Wendel said. “I want to be the best I can be, and on a volleyball team, that means bringing everything I have to accomplish what we have set out to do.”

Elly's future plans include playing volleyball at the CIS level, continuing her biblical studies, and possibly completing a master's degree.

“If nothing was holding me back, I would play professional volleyball, of course!” Wendel concluded.