Fiery start not enough to withstand Lethbridge

Posted: October 19, 2013

By Kara Giesbrecht

Briercrest women’s basketball team’s determination and energy drove them to opening an initial lead although many turnovers rocked the game in Lethbridge’s favor, 71-40.  

The Briercrest Clippers hoped to respond to yesterday’s loss against Lethbridge with a win, excitement and drive setting the stage for a rousing first half.
Briercrest kicked off the game with energetic passes and strong rebounding making for a fast-paced first quarter. The teams exchanged the first few points and a three from Brooke Briscoe was a catalyst in extending the lead 9-4. After a few more points, Lethbridge responded to the pressure with pressure of their own, closing the gap 13-13 and the quarter ended 15-15.
Briercrest continued to set a quick passing game in the second quarter. Strong rebounding was key in Briercrest control offensively. Maintaining firm grasp on the lead proved difficult for both teams, the score evening out at 18-18 and 25-25. Lethbridge pulled out with Briercrest close behind ending 35-27 at halftime. Amy Wanvig led the first half in Briercrest scoring, claiming the majority of Briercrest’s point in the third quarter.

Wanvig fought against traffic at the basket to cut Lethbridge’s lead 35-29 immediately into the third quarter. Coach Chad Romanuk called a time out after many Briercrest turnovers, allowing Lethbridge’s lead to extend 44-31. Five Lethbridge points later, Lauren Jordan went down injured and did not return to the game. Briercrest fought back hard, but the energy the women opened with was missing. The quarter closed out Briercrest trailing 34-56.

Briercrest opened the fourth quarter stalling Lethbridge at 34-58 for quite a while. Romanuk called a timeout, to which Claire Richardson responded scoring. Despite solid rebounding by Briercrest, led by Richardson and Wanvig, Lethbridge offense cut through Briercrest’s defense, closing the game 71-40.


Game notes:

Briercrest’s player of the game was Amy Wanvig with a 3-3 free throw record, game high 11 rebounds and contributing 17 of Briercrest’s 40 points.
Deanna Dotts was Lethbridge’s player of the game, leading the team in rebounds, blocks, assists, and points.

Kennedy Sawatzky led Briercrest with three assists and two steals, while Claire Richardson had a team high three blocked shots.

Lethbridge’s 33.3% three-point percentage and 24 steals dominated Briercrest’s 5.6% with 10 steals.  Lethbridge had a total of 14 assists while Briercrest had nine. Briercrest allowed 45 turnovers while Lethbridge allowed 25.

Briercrest looks for a win at home next Friday, October 25 at 6pm against The Kings University College and they take on Grande Prairie Regional College Saturday, October 26, 6pm also in the Margaret P. Reimer Memorial Gymnasium.

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