Briercrest defense unable to withstand Lethbridge pressure

Posted: October 18, 2013

By Kara Giesbrecht

Aggressive offense by Lethbridge put pressure on the Briercrest women’s basketball team’s defense as they dropped a 58-77 decision in their home opener. A strong opening surge by Briercrest, five three-pointers by Meghan Friesen and strong determination were all key factors in a keeping Briercrest’s spark alive as they countered Lethbridge.

Briercrest came into the first quarter strong, an early lead igniting excitement as Meghan Friesen dropped a three in, opening up Briercrest’s score. This was the momentum needed to extend an early lead. Friesen sunk another three and Brook Briscoe added her own, putting Briercrest ahead 15-9. Lethbridge responded and the score evened out at 15-15. Lethbridge created turnovers, pulling ahead to end the quarter up 21-19.

Briercrest’s Lauren Jordan claimed the first basket of the second quarter, tying the score at 21-21. Lethbridge put on the press, making it a challenge for the Clippers to get up the floor. Despite a hard fight, the Kodiaks broke away, creating a 31-21 lead. Briercrest held them there and Friesen again provided a boost with her three to which Lethbridge responded with their own. Briercrest battled to regain the lead and another Friesen three help close in 32-38.

The third quarter opened with strong Lethbridge offensive shifting the momentum. Briercrest was forced to tighten their defense to counter strong Kokiak offense. Coach Chad Romanuk explained the need for Briercrest to respond defensively.

“We weren’t boxing out and they just kept getting offense,” adding that turnovers contributed to the momentum swing of the game.

Briercrest battled to regain control, but Lethbridge extended their lead 66-42 at the end of the quarter.

Claire Richardson scored to begin the final quarter and the teams exchanged baskets, the score 70-46. Jordan and Friesen threes and solid rebounding sparked the fire for the Clippers to finish out strong, 58-77.

Romanuk commented that communication on defense and offensive control are crucial as Briercrest looks for a victory at home Saturday, October 19 at 1 pm.


Game notes:
Players of the game were Lethbridge’s Emma Lowry who had a game high 17 points and Briercrest’s Amy Wanvig, contributing 14 of Briercrest’s points and making 8 of 10 free throw attempts, to go with nine rebounds. Meghan Friesen led overall with 5 three-pointers, leading Briercrest with 15 points. Tracy Frimpong also led overall with a game high 12 rebounds. Krista Wiens had a team high six assists.

Briercrest dominated in blocks 4-1, 3-point attempts 25.9%-0% and in free throws 75.0%-56.5% Lethbridge led 43.2%-29.5% in field goal percemtage, allowing only 18 turnovers to Briercrest’s 31. Lethbridge created 22 steals while Briercrest had 7. 

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