Shortreed’s strong start in net was not enough to keep the NAIT Ooks at bay

Posted: October 12, 2013

By Levi Fraser

October 12, 2013

Briercrest came out looking to come back against the strong NAIT Ooks team in their second of the back-to-back games this weekend, but were unable to get a win. NAIT Ooks took the game 7-1.

Briercrest goalie #35 Jameson Shortreed came into the game shining to help the Briercrest Clippers fend the NAIT Ooks off and keep them down to just a one goal lead in the first period. Briercrest seemed to have come into the game quite tired after a long game the prior evening and were having a difficult time organizing themselves in order to get deep in the NAIT zone. The star of the first period was definitely Briercrest goaltender Shortreed who made an incredible 22 saves and only allowed only the one goal during the first 20 minutes. In the dying minutes of first period Shortreed stacked the pads to make an astonishing save as NAIT looked to capitalize on a 2-on-1 opportunity. The one NAIT goal went to Jordan Abt 12:02 into the period.

An energy-filled second period allowed Briercrest to become a more competitive hockey team. Even though the NAIT Ooks were able to get two goals, Briercrest came back strong as #15 Joachim Hanberg got a wicked pass from #4 Ricky Seidel to score on the powerplay. The goal came at a crucial spot with only 2:03 left in the period pushing Briercrest to come out strong in the third period. Although Briercrest is struggling to get wins early on this season, they are showing that they have what it takes to compete against the stronger teams in the ACAC. NAIT’s two goals went to Kevin Carthy and Jamie Johnson.

The third period quickly got away from Briercrest as NAIT once again came out in full force. 2:11 into the period #11 Josh Anderson went to the box for elbowing sending NAIT to the power play. Forty-five seconds into the penalty-kill NAIT player Kyle Anderson scored to put the Ooks up four goals to one. Briercrest will need to come out strong next weekend against Grant MacEwan who are currently sitting in second to last with only one win this season. Other goals for NAIT went to (2) Joshua Lazowski and Tyler French.

Final score: 7-1 for the NAIT Ooks.

Player of the game went to Briercrest #15 Joachim Hanberg with one goal and to NAIT #10 Joshua Lazowski with two goals. Shots on net were Briercrest 13, NAIT 66.

Briercrest hits the road next weekend and will play Grant MacEwan University in Edmonton, Alberta. Friday’s game starts at 8:15pm Saskatchewan time and Saturday’s game starts at 3:15pm. You will be able to see a live stream at or find updates on the Briercrest Hockey Facebook page.