Fords optimism inspires Briercrest hockey to thrive this season

Posted: October 12, 2013

By Levi Fraser

Lucas Ford, Centre #10- Briercrest Clippers Hockey

As one of the returning players for Briercrest College hockey this season, Lucas Ford, #10, will play a pivotal role in the success of the team this year. Ford is currently in his second year playing for Briercrest and is studying at the college to obtain a Bachelor of Arts in General Studies degree, specializing in Physical Education.

Ford came to Briercrest College because he felt it offered him the opportunity to do the two things he wanted to do.

“What brought me to Briercrest was the opportunity to play college hockey, and get a degree in kinesiology.”

Lucas has strong personal goals as a student-athlete which he hopes to bring into the future.

“My goals as a student and athlete are to get my degree in Physical education and then to further my education in the future to become a personal fitness trainer or an osteopath,” Ford explained. “As an athlete I’d like to continue playing hockey here as long as I go to school, but in the future I hope to have an opportunity to play pro.”

With having quite the rough season last year, Ford sees that the Briercrest hockey team has something unique this year that will allow them to bounce back in the ACAC.

“We have a great team this year with a bunch of beauties,” Ford said. “Everyone is coming together as a band of brothers and it is really unique to see such a big group of guys become such good friends and teammates so quickly. Everyone is determined to change the look on Briercrest Hockey, and I believe that we have the team here to do so.”

Lucas brings many qualities to the team this year and feels his biggest strength is his positive enthusiastic attitude.

“My biggest strength as a person, I feel, would be my personality,” Ford said. “I’m not a shy person; I’m very outgoing and speak what I feel. I believe that what I can bring to the team as a person is experience and the attitude to want to win night in and night out.”

After Ford is finished his education he would like to begin to work, and possibly get married. His dream would be to play professional hockey and experience other places around the world while playing.

Briercrest College wishes Lucas the best of luck this season and in the future!