Ashley Streuber reflects on CCAA Female Apprentice Coach Program experience

Posted: June 5, 2013

By Jadon Frank

After a stand-out career as a middle hitter for Briercrest women’s volleyball from 2006-2010 and 2011-12 seasons, Winnipeg’s Ashley Streuber made the transition to coaching for the 2012-13 season.

Briercrest women’s volleyball coach Nolan Weinmaster reflected on the year with Streuber as his assistant coach, and what the CCAA Female Apprentice Coach Program meant to the program.

 “We were very privileged to have Ashley chosen to participate in the CCAA Female Apprentice Coach Program,” Weinmaster said. “It was a fantastic opportunity for Ashley to grow as a leader and a coach and I was very grateful for the opportunity to have her involved with our women’s volleyball team here at Briercrest. It was a valuable growing experience for me to be a mentor coach as well. We are grateful to the CCAA and Sport Canada for providing the funding for this program and for choosing Ashley from amongst all the great applicants across the country! I know Ashley is going to be a great leader and coach in the years ahead!”

Streuber answered questions about the program, and her experience at Briercrest.

Q. What did the apprenticeship program mean to you? How did it assist you?
A. I definitely appreciate the opportunity I was given to take part in the apprenticeship program. Nolan was an excellent coach to work with.
Q. What did you learn through coaching?
A. I learned a lot through coaching. I learned more about myself and the areas of growth I need to consider if I coach again in the future. I learned some of the challenges that come with being in a coaching role and the importance of consistently making decisions with integrity. Being an assistant coach also affirmed for me the desire I have to work with people in a supportive role.
Q. What was the mentorship process like? What were the biggest take-always that you learned from Nolan?
A. I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to coach alongside Nolan. I have always respected Nolan and the amount of time and care he devotes to his work. One of the greatest things I observed in Nolan throughout the entire season was the way he led by example. Nolan consistently demonstrated a coaching style that reflected commitment, passion, and care. It was evident that he not only cared about the athletic development of his team, but also about their spiritual and character development. 
Q. What brought you back to do seminary and coach after graduation?
A. When I decided I wanted to pursue a M.A. of counseling it was easy to choose Briercrest because it had already become a second home to me. piano keyboard radyo dinle Attending seminary also meant another opportunity to play volleyball! During my first year in seminary I completed my fifth year of eligibility as a player. Therefore, coaching seemed like a natural progression and an opportunity to remain involved with the team.
Q. What was your biggest highlight from this past year?
A. I absolutely loved supporting the team as they achieved the most successful season thus far for the Briercrest women's volleyball team. It was especially exciting to watch them win their play-off match which guaranteed their participation in the final provincial tournament.
Q. How will you use this experience in the future?
A. Whether or not I coach in the future my experience as an assistant coach has helped me recognize my general leadership style and the areas I need to improve on. I will use this experience as an affirmation of the desire I have to work with others in a supportive role.
Q. Where are you now? What is your plan for the future?
A. Currently I am in my second year of studies for my M.A. Marriage and Family Counseling degree. This next year I will be doing a counseling internship in Winnipeg at Youth for Christ and hope to continue working there in the future.