Senior development officer excited to give Briercrest alumni a voice

Posted: May 21, 2013

Graduation often marks the last time students are heard from by their alma mater. Jordan Grant hopes to change that at Briercrest College and Seminary.

The newly-appointed senior development officer, who just graduated last month from Briercrest with an MA in Leadership and Management, understands today’s graduates first-hand.

“I have the awesome opportunity to be an intentional relationship connection between Briercrest and its vast alumni and friends across the country and around the world,” Grant said. “While my role has many different aspects to it – it all comes down to the institution wanting to keep in contact with our graduates after they walk the line.”

Tom Berekoff, executive lead for development, believes in Grant’s ability to accomplish this goal.

“Among the most valuable traits and characteristics of people in our field is the commitment to building meaningful relationships,” he explained. “Couple that with a deep personal understanding and belief in the mission, vision and purpose of Briercrest, and I have described Jordan Grant. Briercrest is delighted and fortunate to have Jordan join our team. As an alumnus of both the college and the seminary, Jordan knows us well, and he strongly believes that alumni need a voice with Briercrest.”

Grant expresses the role he believes Briercrest plays in Canada.

“Briercrest is known for deeply influencing the Christian context in Canada,” he explained. “People who have never attended here know what Briercrest stands for – which should be a testimony to our 23,000 fantastic alumni. Furthermore, Briercrest offers first-class biblical education across the board – period.”

During his seminary experience, Grant enjoyed the modular format of the courses which allowed him to continue to live and work in Ontario while he pursued his degree. Even with the shorter times on campus, he says he still experienced the community life Briercrest offers.

“There have been social, spiritual and community initiatives put in place which make a student feel at home even if they are only here for a week,” he explained. “I have found my experience in this community to be a primary draw to keep coming back.”

The Colborne, Ont. native lists his mentoring relationship with Paul Magnus as another benefit of his Briercrest experience.

“Paul has made an investment in my life – and countless others – that will only be truly measured in eternity,” he exclaimed. “Paul became a role model, a coach, a shepherd, a mentor as we learned from him and with him along the journey. I look forward to continue to benefit from his wealth of knowledge and insight in my new role.”

Grant also had another mentor in Michael Pawelke, Briercrest’s new president. Grant attended Pawelke’s church in Ontario for three years beginning in 2002.

“Michael’s influence directed me toward Briercrest,” he said. “I cannot imagine how my life would be altered if I did not benefit from his coaching.”

Grant had already signed on with Briercrest in his new work role before the announcement was made about Pawelke as the new president.

“It was an absolute thrill to hear that my mentor and friend was going to be our new president,” Grant said. “This was further confirmation that I had made the right decision. I am so excited to be joining the team at Briercrest during these exceptionally wonderful days.”

As Grant, his wife Violet and their three small children prepare to make the move to Caronport he says he sees his life’s experiences coming together in amazing ways.

“I believe deeply that all I have experienced both personally and professionally has prepared me to be in perfect alignment to join the Briecrest family for this moment,” he said. “Briercrest is the best kept secret east of Winnipeg and I am thrilled to be joining this team to make a significant difference in our world – one that has eternal implications.”