Briercrest A Top School in Saskatchewan

Posted: March 3, 2013

The results are in and The National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) asks first- and senior-year students dozens of specific questions about how they spend their time in and out of the classroom. NSSE is a study of best educational practices and an assessment of the degree to which each university follows those practices.

“This survey is an indication of what our students and alumni have known for some time,” Briercrest’s president Dwayne Uglem said. “Briercrest is a caring and supportive academic community that offers an outstanding undergraduate education.”

The NSSE results are headlined by the Benchmarks of Effective Educational Practice, created by NSSE to compare performance across all universities—Canadian and American. These benchmarks focus on five key areas: level of academic challenge, active and collaborative learning, student-faculty interaction, enriching educational experience, and supportive campus environment. The higher a school’s scores from student responses on the five benchmark topics, the better the chance, according to NSSE, that its undergrads are learning and getting the most out of their university experience.

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Enrichng Educational Experience


 Level of Academic Challenge


Supportive Campus Environment


Student-Faculty Interaction


Active and Collaborative Learning