Nicole Meyer returns with a renewed focus and determination

Posted: February 13, 2013

By Jadon Frank

When Nicole Meyer returned to Briercrest after a year-long hiatus she came with a new focus and passion that was instantly noticeable to those around her.

 It was obvious that she had taken that year off and worked hard to become a better player. Though she has missed several games due to injury this year, she still sits in third for assists and minutes played this season.

Head coach Chad Romanuk has noticed the work that Meyer put in during her year off.

“Nicole is in her second year at Briercrest after taking last year away from the game,” Romanuk said. “During that year off, she worked really hard, and came back to earn a starting spot on the team. “

“Basketball was the reason I first came to Briercrest College, but the reason that I came back was because of the huge spiritual aspect that is present here,” Meyer explained. “Taking my year off from Briercrest made me really realize how special this school is. This is a place where I can play the sport I love and get the degree that I want, but it is also a place where my spiritual growth is constantly being challenged. My parents graduated from here and both my sister’s attend this school, so it just seemed like the best fit for me as well.”

The 5’ 6” guard is thankful to be a part of the current Briercrest basketball team.

“We genuinely love and care about each other,” Meyer said. “We hold each other accountable not only in basketball and additional workout, but also academically and spiritually. We want to see each other succeed to the best of their ability and we will always support one another no matter what. My teammates have really become my best friends.”

The business administration student, focused in marketing, knows where her strength lies and what she brings to the team.

“My biggest strength as a player is my work ethic,” Meyer explained. “I may not be the strongest or the tallest, but I can promise my coach and my teammates that I will always give 110% in everything I do. I will go above and beyond the minimum requirement. My biggest fear as a player is that somebody is outworking me, so that motivates me to work even harder, and in turn, it is developing my skills so that I can be an asset to my team on the court.”

Her coach has appreciated the effort she brings to the team.

“She has a passion for the game and a desire to improve her skill,” Romanuk said. “Her work ethic is something that is consistently brought every day in practice and is contagious for the rest of the team.  Her desire to get better makes her very coachable and a great person to coach.”

Meyer’s acknowledges that her twin sister, and fellow Briercrest guard, Meghan pushes and influences her more than anyone else.

“My biggest influence is also my biggest competition,” Meyer explained. “My twin sister and I both have the drive and determination to do well at everything that we do. I would say that Meghan is my biggest influence because I know that she will give 110% in everything that she does, so in turn I always have to give 110% too. I know that I can’t miss any workouts or practices because I cannot let her outwork me. It is wonderful that we both share the same love for sports and that we both have great work ethics. We hold each other accountable because we know that we are both competing for the same position on the team. Her constant improvement and work ethic is what pushes me to continue improving and working hard for my team.”

Meyer’s goals relate to her strengths.

“Obviously as an athlete I would like to see my team win games,” she explained. “Through a lot of hard work and commitment I really think that my team can really turn into a high-performing team. If I didn’t think that my team had potential to win, then I wouldn’t put in all the time and hard work that I do.”

“As a student I would just like to get my BA in business with a focus in marketing,” Meyer continued. “I have always been interested in the business side of things because both of my parents run and operate their own businesses. Briercrest gives me the opportunity to gain the knowledge and the skills needed in order to jump into the business world after I graduate.”

The Abbotsford, BC native has also enjoyed her time outside of basketball.

“One of my favourite moments would probably be making a music video on my hall,” Meyer said. “It was so much fun acting, singing, dancing, filming and editing the movie. I have always loved movie production. In high school I actually won a scholarship for the movies that I made. I always thought that that’s what I would do in life. If money weren’t an issue then I would definitely produce movies. I just love creating, editing and acting, so that would be my dream career.”