Briercrest women sweep Lethbridge to kick off second semester

Posted: January 11, 2013

By Doug Barr

Women’s Volleyball, January 11 2013

Briercrest Clippers (3-7) vs. Lethbridge Kodiaks (3-7)  

The first set started in the Briercrest Clippers favor with two points by Mikayla Reinhardt’s serving. The Clippers then continued their offensive push causing the Kodiaks to use a time-out with the score at 9-4. After the time-out, the Kodiaks were able to reduce the lead to 11-7. However, with an impressive block and kill by Elly Wendel, and good serving by Amanda Lundquist and Mikayla Reinhardt; Briercrest was able to retain their lead going to 17-10. This was followed by an impressive display of blocking by Amanda Lundquist and Erin Anderson. Kodiak’s Katie Fetting made two great digs and some impressive serves to keep the score to 19-14. With some great defense, with a great block from Kodiak’s Erika Sheen to keep the score at 22-16; but once again Briercrest answered back after a fantastic block by Elly Wendel. Shortly after, Briercrest would win swiftly 25-17.   

The second set started strong for both teams, with some exceptional blocks by Kodiak’s Alex Pasemko to gain the first point. Lethbridge continued to gain momentum with some nice serves from Katie Fetting; however, they were unable to pull away as the Briercrest Clippers kept it to one point at 8-8. The Clippers began their own momentum with impressive serves by Mikayla Reinhardt, bring the score to 12-9; but Kodiaks Alex Pasemko made an amazing dig, causing Briercrest to use a time-out with the score at 13-13 Kodiaks. The Kodiaks continued their lead offensively, but Mikayla Reinhardt continued to perform for the Clippers with a kill; furthermore, Amanda Lundquist made some good serves to bring the score within two at 20-18 Kodiaks. Quickly, Briercrest gained the offensive momentum and switched the score to 21-20, causing the Kodiaks to call a time out.  Elly Wendel made an amazing kill to once again force the Kodiaks to take a timeout – with a score of 23-20. Erika Cartman makes a great block to take the win with a score of 25-20.      

In the third set, Briercrest started with an aggressive start, taking the score 5-1 with the help of Elly Wendel’s kill and Erika Cartmen’s block. However, the Kodiaks did not relent, they pressed forward with a great serve by Madisyn Chambers to force Briercrest to take a time out with the score 7-10. Hilary Tileman made an amazing dig to keep the Kodiaks ahead at 12-8; however, it was followed by a great kill by Erin Anderson to bring the score to 12-9. Yet, Alex Pasemko on the Kodiaks made a great kill to keep their lead away at 15-11. At 13-19 Briercrest was forced to take a time out. This worked to their advantage, as Briercrest took the momentum which included Starlet Peterson making a great block which made the Kodiaks call a timeout with a score of 17-18. Anderson then followed with a great kill to bring the score even at 19-19; she continued with another kill and tip to bring the lead to 23-20 forcing the Kodiaks to take another time out.  The game then came to a quick end for the Briercrest Clippers winning the set 25-21, therefore winning the match in three straight sets (25-17, 25-20, 25-21).        

Briercrest Player of the game: # 5 Mikayla Reinhardt with one service ace, nine kills and 12 digs.

Kodiaks Player of the game: #11 Ericka Sheen with two blocks, two kills and 14 digs.

Games notes: Briercrest led every statistical category in the defeat of Lethbridge. Briercrest held the edge in kills 37 to 19, service aces seven to four, digs 52 to 46, and blocks 12 to three.

Briercrest statistical leaders were Elly Wendel with a game high 10 kills, and two service aces, Amanda Lundquist also had a game high two service aces, Brooke Peterson had a game high 14 digs, and Erika Cartman had a game high five blocks.