Briercrest students ready to 'Rise and Go'

Posted: December 17, 2012

Rise and Go says it all.

The new Rise and Go program at Briercrest College and Seminary gives one year Bible certificate students an opportunity for an outreach experience.

“’Rise and go’ is a phrase that’s evident in the Scriptures and an idea that’s a part of the Christian walk,” program coordinator Lori MacLeod said. “Where there’s a need, where there’s a call, you go. We’re trying to network (students) with ministries that are working in cities and communities within driving distance of Caronport. We want to partner with these ministries and give them a burst of Briercrest energy – but also learn from them in what they’re doing. So it’s a little bit about networking, a little bit about education and a lot about serving and giving these students the best experience in the short amount of time that they’re here.”

Don Taylor, Briercrest’s Bible certificate program director, is excited about the benefits students can receive from participating in Rise and Go.

“We really think the program will enhance the student’s experience as they get the chance to be involved in ministry situations,” he explained. “This gives a real life setting to the things they are learning in class. They get to exercise their faith and passions for the betterment of others, and also cross into other cultures and ways of life, which forces them to think about their own assumptions and habits.”

In October the group enjoyed serving with many other local community members for the ‘Better Together Moose Jaw’ food drive.

“To see 500 volunteers come out at Hillcrest Church . . . and just be hands in that larger ministry was a great opportunity,” MacLeod said.

Last month a group of six Rise and Go students participated in an outreach with the Montreal Lake Cree Nation in Waskesiu Lake, Sask.

“Cliff Bird, who actually did part of his high school at Caronport High School (CHS), is the pastor there,” MacLeod said. “They’ve taken us in as students to help with things that are already happening.”The Briercrest students participated in a youth night at the Montreal Lake community gym.

“They can have anywhere from 15-75 people show up,” MacLeod explained. “They give them a snack and play games. (Cliff) settles things down and the kids listen and he preaches the gospel and encourages them. So we just take part in what’s already happening and this time we spent a lot of time with Cliff and his wife Liza who are great examples of perseverance and courage and we gleaned a lot from them.”

Rise and Go is open to serve wherever they find a need. This May plans are in the works for a team to make a 10-day trip to Spokane, Wash. to work with World Relief.

“World Relief works with refugees and immigrants,” Macleod said. “What we’re hoping for in our time there is to network and learn the way that they care for and minister to the needs of refugees and immigrants in their area. There’s a lot of recognition even by the (U.S.) government (officials) who send them victims of human trafficking circles and people who are in the throes of trying to get citizenship who are in need and know poverty and know injustices in their life.”

While in Spokane, the group plans to help in a different area of World Relief each day.

“Whatever way we can serve – whether it’s serving meals or sorting through clothes or cleaning or spending time with the people, we are there as another burst of energy in whatever need and capacity they’re looking for,” MacLeod said.

The program coordinator hopes the newly launched program will grow and eventually build its own base of outreach locations.

“Hopefully it will work itself into a much bigger thing,” she explained. “It has the capacity to multiply. So we’re starting small and hoping for more.”

For more information about Rise and Go or to suggest future outreach locations, email