Voth brings maturity and experience to team

Posted: November 3, 2012

By Jadon Frank


Assistant captain Adam Voth brings much needed maturity and experience to the young Briercrest hockey team this season.

Coach Dalton Stoltz is very pleased to have the Armstrong, BC product on his team, as he brings many needed intangibles to the team this season.

 “Adam brings experience to our young team,” Stoltz said. “There’s no better teacher than life experience, and Adam has learned many valuable lessons in life that he can bring to the arena.”

On such a young team Stotlz has observed that he needs to have different types of leaders and the third-year right winger has a strong back bone that adds a great dynamic to the team.

“Adam will be a good assistant captain this year, he isn’t afraid to take a stand for what is right,” Stoltz said. “I expect Adam to be a leader on the ice.  I expect him to rally the troops to the team goals.”

As a financial services business student Voth has been attending school in Moose Jaw as part of the Briercrest business program. Even though this means he is in Moose Jaw every day from morning until the start of practice and needs to take a fuller course load, one can still find him being an example to the younger guys on the team by working out with them after supper most evenings.

“I’m a people person,” Voth explained. “I like to talk and help guys out that are nervous or new. I am usually pretty easy to talk to, even though people sometimes think I’m intimidating. I really enjoy getting to know people and helping them out.”

The move to the middle of the Prairies has helped make the eternal changes that Voth had hoped for when he decided to attend Briercrest three years ago.

“I was kind of headed down a dead end in my life and needed to change things up,” he said. “I knew that coming to Briercrest would be a really good opportunity for me to get on the right track again, and it has been awesome since I got here. The greatest moment so far has been changing my life by coming to Briercrest.”

Ater hockey, Voth has definite plans for his Briercrest degree.

“I would like to go back to the dairy farm back home and help my Dad,” Voth said. “I will work in financial services for a while and then bring that knowledge back to the farm and help expand it.”

The experience and expanded role placed on Voth this season has already produced dividends on the scoresheet. He has already equaled his 2011-12 totals and leads Briercrest with four points in the first six games of the season.