Peterson exceeding expectations as captain

Posted: November 3, 2012

By Jadon Frank


Third year Briercrest volleyball player Brooke Peterson is exceeding expectations in her first year as team captain.

The Weyburn, Sask. libero has been a great example to her teammates this season.

“Brooke is a natural leader who consistently models the selflessness, integrity and respect that define our program,” women’s volleyball head coach Nolan Weinmaster, said. “She puts the team ahead of herself and also leads our team in work ethic and discipline.”

Peterson is a business administration student and has worked hard to find balance during her career at Briercrest. She is working hard to maintain good grades, while serving her teammates and other students on campus, and working hard to ensure that she is in fine form athletically.

“She inspires people around her to grow deeper in their relationship with Jesus and to follow after Him,” coach Weinmaster said. “Our players could not have a better example to look up to! Her passion and intensity on the court are contagious and the team really feeds off her confidence on serve receive and defense.”

“What I bring to our team is a lot of passion and drive to just do our best. I also bring a lot of energy on and off the court,” Peterson said. “Outside of volleyball, I’m organized and very goal oriented.”

The libero has big goals for the team this year and hopes to help them reach new heights for Briercrest women’s volleyball.

“As an athlete I hope to win the ACAC and CCAA Championships.  And I just really want to work hard to reach my potential and to help my teammates reach their potential as well,” Peterson said.

She has observed and enjoyed the unique environment and group of athletes on her team this season.

“What’s special about our team is the community we have here at Briercrest. We live together in the dormitories and it helps us form really tight relationships, and that translates onto the court.”

The same characteristics that make her a great captain, should also help her in life after Briercrest.

“I have lots of business dreams, so I would probably go down the list. I want to use all the gifts God has given me to run successful ethical businesses. I would like to sell real estate; I’m interested in public relations. So, probably some sort of business.”

“I would love to open nursing homes where there is adequate patient care, where people who have lived long hard lives and worked hard to contribute to society receive the kind loving care they deserve,” she said.

Coach Weinmaster is very happy with how Peterson has performed as captain this season.

“She has exceeded my expectations in her first year as captain so far and I am looking forward to how she continues to lead in setting the culture of character and success we are striving for.”