Briercrest captain leads with creativity and example

Posted: November 2, 2012

By Jadon Frank


Briercrest setter and team captain Carter Reimer is hoping to lead the team this season with creativity and by example.

“Carter has a heart for this team and the players he is playing with,” head coach Nigel Mullan said when asked about how his new captain has been doing in the role. “His desire to see the program move forward and succeed is evident in how he has stepped into the captain’s role this year.  I think he has huge capabilities in his leadership abilities and is embracing the good and the challenging that comes with being in a leadership position.”

“I carry a quiet confidence,” Reimer said. “I lead by example more than by the words I say. One of my strengths is my creativity. Because I run the offense as a setter, it allows my creativity to come out and flow into the game play.”

Coach Mullan feels that Reimer’s position gives the captain’s role a new look for the program.

“I work closely with my setters and this year is the first year I have had a setter as a captain,” said Mullan. “It makes sense as we are in constant communication on how things are going and what we are trying to accomplish.  Carter has done well to navigate a leadership change this year with some of our leaders graduating last year.  He has worked to pull the group together and lead with a service minded approach, which I think will make him very effective long term with his teammates.”

The third year Calgary native is a BA in christian ministry student and is in his second year of eligibility, as he did not compete during his freshman year due to injury. 

Reimer’s favourite moment at Briercrest so far was hosting the 2011-12 ACAC Provincials in Moose Jaw last year, and hopes to lead the team to new heights.

“My goal as a student-athlete is to win the ACAC championship and then the CCAA national championship,” Reimer explained. “My greatest moment in life athletically was our 2010–11 season when we won provincials and came third at nationals. We have a lot of potential this year, the ceiling really is the limit with the guys we have.”

Having team goals over individual one’s is a common theme at Briercrest as the students become more like family than just teammates.

“That fact is quite special,” Reimer said. “We like to strengthen our relationships off the court which then strengthens them on the court. So, we are more brothers than teammates. I am excited to work with the guys this year. There are so many different personalities on the team. Each one brings something different.”

Many students decide on attending a school based mostly on the athletic opportunities that they will be able to experience, Reimer is somewhat of an exception to that rule.

“I came for the christian ministry program, and then volleyball was a bonus on top of that,” the pastoral studies major said. “I want to be a pastor when I leave Briercrest. My favourite class here is homiletics.”

“If I could do something to help make the world a better place it would be to build water wells in the countries without access to clean water, because it is essential to live,” said Reimer.

Outside of Briercrest, Reimer has had some great examples in his life.

“My dad has been the biggest influence on my life because he has shown me how to live a godly life and has walked beside me as I try to pursue a godly life,” the setter said. “The best advice I have ever been given is that my worth is based in Christ and in Him alone. If I could give one piece of advice to someone it would be to dream big, you never know how God will reward your perseverance.”