Heart of the team leads with energy and intensity

Posted: October 29, 2012

By Jadon Frank


Fourth-year guard, James Wohlgeschaffen, is described as the “heart of the team” by Briercrest basketball coach Rod Adrian. This “heart” is displayed often each game as he hustles for each and every play.

The Halifax, Nova Scotia product is excited for what this season will bring for the men’s basketball team, “What’s special this season is we have a lot of mature leaders on the team and rookies that are willing to work hard. We have the potential to win a championship.”

Wohlgeschaffen is an important part of this leadership core that hopes to have a long and successful season.

“James brings a level of intensity and energy that every team needs,” says Coach Adrian. “His athletic play and passion help our team in practice and that translates into games as he is one of our inspirational leaders. When James decides to do something he does it with passion and perseverance, and you’ll often see him dominate the opposition with his sheer determination.  He is currently third on the team in scoring, second in rebounding, and first in steals.”

Wohlgeschaffen doesn’t just bring intensity, speed, quickness and athleticism to his team, but is also looking to find ways to encourage and cheer on his team mates.

“My biggest strength as a person is smiling, having fun, and joking around with the guys,” says Wohlgeschaffen.

James explains that his parents have had the biggest influence in making him into the man that he is today, “My parents influence my life on a grand scale. No matter what I am going through, they always know exactly what to say and how to say it.”

The Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration student has worked hard to balance the many aspects of his life, from working to “get really good grades,” to being a leader on the court, and most recently his self-proclaimed “best moment, not just at Briercrest, but in life” in becoming a husband.

“Off the court he is learning what it takes to be the leader in his home as a new husband to wife, Natasha,” says Adrian.

“God brought me to Briercrest. I know that because I didn’t want to be here but he directed me,” said Wohgeschaffen, “I don’t know what I am going to do after I am done here, but if I could make the world better I would try and feed all of the hungry people in the world because thousands are dying every day of starvation.”

Proverbs 3: 5-6 and Matthew 6:25-34 have influenced the way that Wohlgeschaffen looks at the future.

“Both of these excerpts are encouraging, as a believer in Christ, as they are daily reminders that God has everything under control, no matter what the circumstances,” says James.

James’s character on and off the court can be summed up in something his father, Gary Wohlgeschaffen Sr once told him.

"Did you work your hardest? Of course you did. So, then what more can you ask for?” said the elder Wohgeschaffen. “All you can do is give it your best shot, your very best shot, and whether you win or you lose, as long as you know within yourself that you gave it your very best, that's all that matters in the end."