Briercrest hockey alumni weekend

Posted: September 10, 2012

This year’s alumni weekend for the Clipper hockey team promises to be a weekend of firsts.

The event, which is Sept. 28-29, will be the first home games for the 2013 Clippers.  It will also be the first time many of the school’s alumni get to meet the team’s new head coach.

On Friday the Clippers will play the first of two exhibition games against Minot State, a team in the highly competitive American Collegiate Hockey Association Division 1.

“They are a great hockey team that is annually competing for the National Championship in the ACHA,” Clipper Coach Dalton Stoltz said.

“The games should provide quality hockey which will give fans a unique look at this year’s team before the season begins,” he added.

The coach likes the match-up because it allows them to have a quality hockey game against a team that Briercrest will not have to face in the regular season.

“Minot and Briercrest are both programs looking to build, and they both can gain great experience from this unique opportunity.” Stoltz said.

Briercrest and Minot State will play a second game at 2:30 Saturday afternoon.  Alumni hit the ice at 7:30 p.m. and they will get the opportunity to meet coach Stoltz after the game.

 “I am also excited to get to meet with the alumni,” Stoltz said. “We will meet around 9:30 and discuss the vision for the program moving forward, as well as it being a great opportunity to meet the people who have built this program over the years.”

Hockey alumni coming back for the weekend will have the opportunity of joining the Homecoming activities. The schedule for the alumni weekend can be found at

Rates for the alumni weekend vary according to the level of participation. The weekend is free if you attend but do not need meals and accomodations. Meals are $50 for the weekend and it is $100 for all meals and two nights accommodation.


Athletics schedule for Homecoming weekend

September 28,  2012

8:30 p.m. – Briercrest vs. Minot State

September 29, 2012

2:30 p.m – Briercrest vs. Minot State

7:30 p.m. – Alumni game

9:45 p.m.– Address by Coach Dalton Stoltz

Go to for the complete Homecoming schedule or to register for the weekend.