Briercrest Seminary and Arrow Leadership launch new partnership

Posted: August 21, 2012

Briercrest Seminary and Arrow Leadership have agreed to a partnership that will provide significant credit recognition for graduates of the Arrow Leadership Program toward Briercrest’s Master of Arts in Leadership and Management.

“Arrow Leadership and Briercrest Seminary each aim to cultivate leaders who will exercise a transformative influence for the kingdom of God in their various contexts,” Dustin Resch, Briercrest seminary dean said. “Now graduates of Arrow Leadership can pursue a MA in Leadership and Management at Briercrest with significant advanced standing and without repeating the valuable learning that they experienced in their Arrow journey. Also, Briercrest Seminary students can now easily include an Arrow Leadership experience as a significant component of their MA degree.”

Arrow graduates entering into Briercrest’s Leadership and Management program will receive 12 credits toward their MA. Steve Brown, Arrow’s Canadian president highlighted the specific Arrow graduates that would be attracted to the Briercrest MA.

“Arrow graduates serving in non-profit, senior church or executive leadership, public service or marketplace leadership roles, will be attracted to Briercrest’s biblically-based modular program that features experienced professors from around North America,” he explained.  “Receiving recognition for 12 credits demonstrates the intensity of their Arrow journey and provides a strong head start toward a high-quality Master’s degree.”

This partnership has been a long time in the making.

“From my early connections with Arrow, my dream was for us to partner together in the development of Kingdom leaders,” Paul Magnus, Briercrest President Emeritus said. “Seeing this come to fruition was the realization of a fond dream. It is my sense that this partnership will have mutual benefit to both organizations and maximum benefit to the wonderful leaders investing in developing their leadership expertise in the 21st century. What a delight it is to work with those students who have taken the Arrow leadership journey and then join us for additional leadership development in an academic setting. I delight in what this will do for leaders and leadership development in Canada and well beyond.”