Mullan Chosen as Briercrest's New Athletic Director

Posted: August 24, 2000

There is going to be a new man at the helm of the Briercrest College and Seminary athletic department next season.

Nigel Mullan is the new athletic director, taking over for Stan Peters, who is taking on a new position as Executive Director of Constituent Relations & Strategic Partnerships. 

 “I am excited for the opportunity to take what is there and shape and mold and hopefully further our efforts as a department,” Mullan said.

Furthering the success of the department is exactly what is expected of Mullan.

“Nigel has significant success as a coach and has demonstrated capacity to coach at the highest levels of ACAC,” Merrill Dyck, Briercrest’s VP overseeing athletics, said. “Also, over the past two years he has shown tremendous potential and performance as an associate athletic director.”

“I don’t think there is any question that Nigel has the skills and the talents and the gifts to excel. He has excelled at everything he has done and there is no sense here that he won’t succeed at this.”

The new athletic director will continue to coach the men’s volleyball team and help the other coaches recruit and train teams that can reach the same level of success at the national and ACAC levels.

“I have interest and desire to see all the teams succeed and get to the level that we are wanting to be at,” Mullan said.

Dyck added that Mullan’s job is to build upon the foundation that Peters built.

“Nigel’s job is not to change our vision but to reach it,” he said. “Stan did a tremendous job of setting the vision, of setting the direction. Nigel’s phase of the journey is to increasingly realize that, to build a program that is known for athletes who are successful on and off the field of competition.”

Peters is looking forward to his new position and thinks Mullan has the passion and abilities needed to lead the athletic department.

“For myself it’s time for another challenge and it’s time for the guys in the athletic department to step forward,” Peters said. “Nigel’s been in his role for at least eight years and it’s time for him to take the challenge of leading the department.”

“He needs a chance to run with it.”

Dyck agrees that Mullan is ready.

“We need a continuing stream of talent into leadership and what we see in Nigel is this high talent, high capacity individual that we just need to have in leadership.”

Peters will be bringing years of experience into his new role and will be working closely with Tom Berekoff, Briercrest’s VP of development.

 “It is a new position, newly designed and shaped to really capitalize on Stan’s unique capabilities, expertise and connectedness,” Berekoff said.

“We’ve recognized the need for Briercrest to be even more prolific at connecting to its alumni, its friends and even corporate partners in the community and so Stan with a 30 plus year history at Briercrest, loved by so many of our long time followers, he’s just the perfect person to be out there building and rebuilding relationships.”