Athletics awards banquet

Posted: April 11, 2012

It takes more than just outstanding athleticism to win the athlete of the year award at Briercrest College and Seminary and this year’s award winners are perfect examples of that.

Brooke Olmstead and Joel Dyck walked home with the awards, but Athletic Director Stan Peters said it was their work off the court that was the deciding factor.

“It is a combination of their academic success, their contribution as an athlete and their involvement in the community,” he said. “So basically it is our Total Champion Award. It reflects what we are after in our student athletes.”

“We’re not after an athlete with just athletic success, we are after people who have success in the classroom, and who are serving in the community,” he added.

The competition for the award was tough as there were several qualified candidates playing for the Clippers this year. In fact, both Olmstead and Dyck won the award even though they didn’t win their team’s MVP awards.

“It’s the total package,” Peters said.

“The thing that really separated Joel out this year was his community service,” Peters said, adding that the volleyball player was heavily involved in the children’s program at The Gathering, a church in Caronport.

Olmstead played Clipper basketball while getting outstanding marks and serving as a Teacher’s Assistant in the college.

 “(She was) involved in another very significant activity outside of athletics, working with tutorials, helping other students succeed,” Peters said. “That was the thing that really separated Brooke.”

While the athletes of the year awards acknowledge the “total champion”, Peters also singled out another group of athletes who deserved extra recognition.

Brennan Anholt, Josh Gustafson and Ashley Streuber were honored as fifth year athletes.

“Fifth year awards symbolize the student athlete’s commitment to Briercrest , commitment to finishing a degree and a commitment to making sacrifices to be part of our program,” Peters said.

“We want to honour that because we feel that commitment is what allows our teams to develop the culture. Without fourth and fifth year players on your team it is hard to develop that culture that we’re after.”

Other awards presented at the April 4 banquet included:

Most Improved Players: hockey – Caleb Willems; volleyball – Scott Willms and Ariel Townsend; basketball – William Cole and Meghan Carr.

Most Valuable players: hockey – Tyler Murray; volleyball – Trevor Klassen and Ashley Streuber; basketball – Kendall Boese and Val Robinson.

Community Service Award: Craig Cornelson for his work at Joe’s Place.

Female Rookie of the year – Mikayla Reinhardt.

Male rookie of the year – Josh Dufresne.

Female athlete of the year – Brooke Olmstead

Male athlete of the year – Joel Dyck

ACAC player of the week awards – Aryn Lesher, Brooke Peterson and Tyler Murray.

ACAC all academic team (based on 2010-11 marks)– Brian Peters, Dare Mably, Brooke Olmstead and Trevor Klassen.

ACAC all conference: First team Tyler Murray - hockey and Scott Lesher – volleyball; second team - Joel Dyck, volleyball.

CCAA national scholar award (based on 2010-11 marks) – Brooke Olmstead and Trevor Klassen.

Graduating player awards – Brennan Anholt, Josh Gustafson, Aaron Frede, Amber Durocher, Carlee Quiring, Aryn Lesher, Scott Lesher, and Joel Dyck.

Fifth year player awards – Brennan Anholt, Josh Gustafson and Ashley Streuber.