Refined/Undignified gives year-end performances

Posted: March 14, 2012

They’re back and they’re telling more secrets – three times more to be exact.

Refined/Undiginified (RU), the hip-hop dance team from Caronport High School (CHS) and Briercrest College and Seminary gave its year-end shows entitled Secrets, Secrets II, and Stand Up March 15-17 at the Landing in Caronport.

“This is the ninth year we’ve done a year-end show,” Adrian Webber, director of RU said. “We go and travel a lot through the year. Being able to perform here in Caronport is really important to us – to have the backing of the community and to share what we do.”

Last year’s RU team introduced the first Secrets show which focused on difficult issues and struggles that team members had faced in their own lives. This year RU has three teams: a full-time team, a college team and a high school team – each with its own show that depicts life issues faced by some of the dancers.

These aren’t often the subjects that people dance about – issues such as pornography, cheating in relationships, cutting, and eating disorders.

“Our desire is to shed light in the darkness,” Webber explained. “As we perform, we’re not trying to just address issues. We’re trying to share that we are real people who have struggled and this is our story and God has redeemed us.”

Webber explains what the team hopes the dance numbers will expose.

“The greatest lie of the enemy is that you’re alone,” he exclaimed. “That no one understands what you’re doing. There’s condemnation and guilt. We desire to break the lie.”

The first half of each night’s program will showcase different original dance numbers choreographed and performed by some of the team members.

“This is an opportunity for them to show their own giftings and talents,” Webber said.

Thursday night’s show, Stand Up, was performed by the high school team. Friday night’s show was the debut performance of Secrets II performed by the college team, and Saturday night’s show was the full-time team’s final performance of Secrets which debuted last year.

Although the shows have been well received by audiences, Webber says it’s been a thrill for him to see how the team members’ lives have also been impacted.

“Seeing the lives change within our team – that’s the biggest thing,” he said. “The passion that God put in my heart is mentoring and equipping,” he said. “So this is a perfect location to be able to take students . . . that have a heart to learn and be challenged in all these different ways. So truly, RU’s ministry is very minimally about dancing. It’s using it as a tool. That’s really the whole idea of equipping and shaping, challenging, stretching and refining people’s lives.”

Webber’s own life was changed in a similar way when he came from Oregon to attend college at Briercrest. It was here he met two fellow students, Winston Pines and Dwight Stevens, who were interested in putting together a dance team.

“I’d never danced before,” Webber admitted. “I came as a student to be a youth pastor. I just loved the idea of dancing. I see God’s grace in allowing us to do this – me specifically. I know who I was. I know I was a shy little self-conscious kid that was in high school. Looking back and thinking about all the difficult things God has taken me through . . . just to be able to impact so many people is so humbling. I know I couldn’t have done anything by my own power.”