Degree Authorization Act goes to legislature

Posted: February 1, 2012

 Briercrest is one step closer to expanded degree granting status.

The Degree Granting Authorization Act (Bill 18) received its first reading in the Saskatchewan Legislature on December 12 with a second reading expected before Christmas. The Act will come into law after a third reading in the spring.

This Act removes both the restrictions on degree granting and the restrictions on the use of the term “university” from the University of Regina and the University of Saskatchewan Acts. Bill 18 establishes a quality assurance body to govern degree granting outside of the U of S and the U of R. This leaves the decision of who can be a university up to the Saskatchewan government’s Cabinet.

The provisions within the Degree Granting Authorization Act open the door for a Briercrest education to be more widely recognized.  This recognition is expected to help Briercrest missions students to more easily gain entrance into many foreign countries.

Expanded degree granting status also opens the door for Briercrest to offer additional degrees which gives students the opportunity to use their Briercrest education in whatever career path God has for them.  If Briercrest does not offer the field of study the student is being called to, this would provide a better bridge to other institutions.  

“This is profound for Briercrest and our future,” President Dwayne Uglem said. “It is profound for the province, as it redefines how the post-secondary system works and how quality will be assured. . . I am thrilled with this outcome and the provisions it provides. This is a remarkable outcome in line with our strategic plan.”

Bill 18—The Degree Granting Authorization Act can be read on the government’s website: