Clipper's Big Man Loves Adventure

Posted: January 25, 2011

Aaron Frede is in his third year with the Briercrest hockey team. Frede grew up in Chilliwack, BC, where he was raised by his parents John and Ginnie. And grow he did – because of his size, the 6’ 5” defenseman is more affectionately known as “Moose”. The oldest of three siblings, he has a sister (Leah) and brother (Josh).

Frede’s interest in hockey started at a young age, as he remembers going to watch his dad play. Now in his 11th year playing hockey, he had some great experiences with the sport before coming to Briercrest. He played on local rep teams in Chilliwack during his younger years and he credits his dad and coach Rob Reid for having significant impact on his development with hockey in those years. A highlight was winning a provincial championship, and having the opportunity to do that with a bunch of friends he grew up with. Frede then spent some time playing Junior A in Port Albernia, on Vancouver Island.

Getting it all in one place
“Briercrest interested me because it was a place where I could get a post-secondary education, play hockey, and work on my spiritual life all at once”, said Frede.

“I wanted to get a degree, I needed to improve spiritually, and I hoped I would be able to play hockey, so Briercrest was a great fit.”

So far, the most memorable moments with the Clippers came in a first-round playoff battle that Briercrest had with Mount Royal in Frede’s first season.
He recalls the excitement of that post-season:

“Winning game two of our playoff series . . . and just how intense that series was . . . two games that went into overtime and having a lead going into the final period of game three.”

After missing the playoffs last season, Frede is excited about the opportunity to help his team get there this season. He also says that there is so much more that he enjoys about being a Briercrest athlete than just having the opportunity to be on a competitive team.

“For sure the atmosphere here”, said Frede, when asked about the aspect he enjoys most. “If the group of guys we have here wasn’t so amazing and if the attitude of the team and everyone involved wasn’t so positive and so fun, I would probably just be doing school.”

Frede is working on a BA in Humanities, with an emphasis in history.

“The profs here are amazing”, he says, “the fact that they are willing to take time to work with kids one on one and take an interest in their life, really sets them apart.”

In general, it is the people on campus that really make the Briercrest experience enjoyable for Frede, who says, “you are not going to find as friendly of an environment for school anywhere else.”

Adventures outside of hockey
Hockey is definitely not the only interest in the large blue-liners life. He enjoys snowboarding, reading, and games of all sorts – be it video, card, or board – he loves them all. Frede also loves to travel and has had some neat experiences.

“Last summer I got to go to Pakistan on a missions trip and backpack around the isolated northern areas interacting with the people”, he explains, “and it was amazing to see the beauty that is there and just how welcoming and hospitable the people are.”

He also had the opportunity to go backpacking in Costa Rica with three friends a few years ago.

“We took a three day hike through the jungle and got up close with some wildlife – a little closer than we would have liked in a few cases – but we made it out in one piece, so that is a great memory!”

After graduating next year, he has some adventurous things he hopes to do, but realizes it is all in God’s hands.

“My short term plans involve teaching overseas and as for the long term, I have no idea”, said Frede.

“Watching my own plans fall apart time and time again has taught me to just trust in what the Lord has planned and take it one day at a time.”

Adding, “Hopefully He will put me in a position where I can travel and see more of this amazing world He has given us!”