Veteran Frost Trusting God's Leading

Posted: January 20, 2011

Athletics runs in the family
Dani Frost is in her fifth and final year of CCAA eligibility. This weekend marks the final regular season home games of Frost’s post-secondary career, which has been a very successful one, both athletically and academically. Her career is highlighted by being in the top 10 in both offensive and defensive rebounds in every season she has played, along with earning the ACAC Athletic-Academic Award and the CCAA National Scholar Award.

The experienced 5’ 10” post grew up in a family of athletes. Being the youngest, she looked up to her older brother Trevor, who played Junior A hockey and also had a great career as the starting goalie for the Briercrest Clippers hockey team. Her older sister Kelly played four years of ACAC basketball at King’s University College. Her parents, Brian and Sheila, were also key influences in her basketball career, as her dad was her coach in younger years.

Frost notes that her dad “inspired me to understand the mental side of the game”, which is the aspect of basketball that she enjoys most today. “I love the mental side of the game, and trying to outwit my opponent in one-on-one situations.”

There and here and there again
Before entering the collegiate ranks, Frost had an admirable high school athletic career. She attended Scona High School in Edmonton, AB, where she was captain of several teams including volleyball, track and field, and of course, basketball. A highlight for her was being named Female Athlete of the Year for her high school.

 After graduating, Frost was recruited to King’s University College in Edmonton, where she played her first two years of ACAC basketball. From there, she transferred to Briercrest for the 2006-07 and the 2007-08 seasons, but missed most of the first one with an injury. After that, she was back in Edmonton, playing at King’s, and proceeding to finish up her nursing degree the last two years.

Trusting God and an unexpected comeback
At that point, Frost was not really expecting to play her fifth year of eligibility. She took some time off of school and went on a trip to Haiti, which was a life-changing experience for her.

“It was amazing and changed my perspective on life immensely, and I was able to experience and see first-hand the amazing character of those who suffered through the earthquake.”

From there she planned to move on from basketball and start her nursing career, but Coach Sowden helped convince her to come back to Briercrest and start on a master’s degree.

This year, Frost is working on her M.A. In Leadership at Briercrest, while also working part-time as a nurse in Moose Jaw. The decision was not an easy one, but she knows it was the right one. She looks at the last few years of her life, and what she went through in her decision to come back, as a time where she really relied on her faith in God.

“Getting through an accelerated nursing program was very intense and was a difficult two years”, said Frost . . . “As well as deciding to come back to Briercrest even though I had other opportunities to pursue following graduation. I was able to seek guidance from close friends and people I respected, who encouraged me to follow God's plan and embrace the opportunities I was being presented with. It was through faith I was able to make it through the difficult times.”

A favorite verse of hers, which helps her to remember that God is in control and to take one day at a time is Matthew 6:34: "Do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself."

Frost says that coming back this year was a great decision, and that the best part of her experience with Briercrest basketball has been, “being able to develop my spiritual walk in an athletic setting, and meeting great girls that I have been able to develop deep meaningful relationships with that will outlast my time playing sports.”

She has also enjoyed the opportunity to be on a team again and to work with the younger girls.

“My nickname on the team is ‘Mama Dani’”, says Frost, “I like to think it's because I am so wise and not because I’m old!”

What’s next
Frost is looking forward to using her gifts and passions to serve others in the years ahead.

“Following this year I will continue to nurse, and hopefully will go overseas (either back to Haiti or another third world country) and provide relief support – hopefully in association with Samaritan's purse. I also plan to get my fitness certification and become a trainer developing my own business on the side.”