Third-year Clipper Brittany Leung has sights set high

Posted: November 4, 2010

“So whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God” (1 Corinthians 10:31). This is a favorite Scripture verse for Brittany Leung, a third-year Clipper women’s basketball player.  

It sums up for her what it means to be an athlete at Briercrest:

“What I enjoy most about being a Briercrest athlete is that we are challenged not just to become better at our sport, but to become more like Christ and to allow Him to be the reason why we play.”

Great attitude, greater purpose
The 5’ 3” Leung, who plays guard for the Clippers, hales from Calgary, Alta., where she played her high school basketball at William Aberhart High School.

She originally came to Briercrest mainly to play basketball, but has since realized that God’s plan for her being here was much greater than that.

During her three years at Briercrest, she has learned so much more than just how to become a better basketball player. She has battled through some tough injuries that have kept her out of the line-up for long periods of time. A torn achilles tendon sidelined her for the better part of her first season.

In spite of the setbacks, Brittany has always had a great attitude and a joy no matter what the circumstances, which is a tribute to her faith. The joy of her relationship with God really shines through.

“Brittany desires to grow and follow God in all that she does”, her coach, Shane Sowden, said. “She has a strong desire to know Him more. Brittany has grown as a leader over the past three years to a point where the girls on the team look up to her and respond well to her leadership.”

Quick on her feet
When she has been healthy, Leung is a force on the court for the Clippers. Last year, she was named the team’s MVP and has been named one of the team’s assistant captains this season.

“Brittany is quick and has the ability to be a strong defender," Coach Sowden said. "She has the ability to make those around her better both on and off the court.  Her quickness allows her to put pressure on the other teams' defense.”

Food and other favourite things
Other than basketball, one of Brittany’s passions in life is food. She loves cooking and baking, shopping for groceries, and of course, eating.

One of her desires is to go overseas and study culinary arts when her time at Briercrest is done. She also hopes to visit the Great Wall of China, meet Ellen DeGeneres, watch a hot dog eating contest.  

Some of Leung’s favorite things about being at Briercrest (besidesbasketball) are the people and how all the friendships that she has made here are real and lifelong. She also enjoys the sunsets and starry nights in the “Land of Living Skies”. Her other favorite thing is that there is no rush-hour traffic like she experiences back home in Calgary.

Brittany is taking her BA in Business Administration at Briercrest. Some of her other hobbies are knitting, crocheting, and hiking.