Amara MacCormack takes on captain role

Posted: October 20, 2010

Amara MacCormack will take on the captain role for the Clipper Women’s basketball team this year.

MacCormack is in her fifth and final year of college basketball eligibility, and she hopes to make the most of it.

“Personally I just want to do everything better," she said. "I want to improve my stats, I want to improve on the time I spend getting to know each girl on our team and I want to be a factor every game, eventually leading into playoffs.”

Her desire to always do better and excel at the little things has given Amara the respect of her teammates and coaches.

She describes herself as a “grinder” – a term she took from her experience with tree-planting:

“Someone who comes home filthy, beat up by the bush, exhausted, and they don’t always put in the highest number of trees, but you know they did the right things and worked their butt off,” she explained.

The fifth-year captain said this is similar to the way she approaches the game of basketball and that she tries to be a leader by setting an example of someone who does the little things right.

Coach Shane Sowden couldn’t agree more.

“She was chosen by her teammates as captain," he said. "She is a fifth-year player who the girls' respect and look up to on and off the court. When she has something to say, they listen because they know she has their best interests at heart ... The way she carries herself is the way we want all of our players to carry themselves.”

In addition to her great work ethic and great example, Amara has also earned a lot of respect for her skills on the court. Last season she was second overall for three-point shooting in the strong ACAC south division.  

MacCormack grew up in Regina, Sask., just an hour away from Briercrest College and Seminary. Originally, it was the proximity and  the opportunity to play competitive basketball n a Christian environment that drew her to Briercrest, but she said it was after taking a year off after her first season that she really realized what Briercrest has to offer:

“I love the fact that I have friends here who will hold me accountable in my spiritual life; like how much time I spend in the Bible or who ask me to pray with them and vice versa. It’s just awesome being around people who love Jesus the same way I do while learning what I’m learning in classes and in relationships.”

Amara has several great memories from her time so far at Briercrest , with the best moment for her being the weekend her team swept the Red Deer College Queens at home, winning both games in front of a “crazy supportive crowd” in the hangar:

“There was so much energy, and the games were so much fun, and our team played extremely well!”

MacCormack is looking forward to leading her team to more “highlight” moments, on and off the court, in her final year in a Clipper uniform.

“I am excited for the challenge we are going to give other teams. I get this feeling we are always slightly underestimated and I think we are going to give so many teams a hard time with our experience and hard working players. I am also really excited for our team to get closer, I hope we get to know each other like family and represent Christ through our work ethic, integrity and desire.”