Have you met Mr. Bell?

Quick Facts 

Name: Jim Bell

Where are you from? Mississauga, ON  

What is your favorite food? Tough one  -  Either Chinese food or Honey garlic chicken wings from Déjà Vu, in Moose Jaw. 

Favorite hobby? Guitar playing,  cycling

Briercrest Christian Academy Highlights

How did you end up at BCA?  I went on a camping trip to Cypress Hills with my family and we came back on the TransCanada highway passing Briercrest.  My wife told me “why don’t you apply at Briercrest?”  I said something like “Really???” I knew about the College but didn’t realize that there was a high school in town too. I checked on-line and low and behold there was a position open for a “history / social studies teacher.”  I decided to apply and I ended up getting the job!  Lesson learned – Always listen to your wife!!

What do you teach at BCA? History, English and Christian Ethics

How long have you taught/been on staff at BCA?  Since 2008  - Roughly 12 years

What is your favorite memory about your job at BCA?  In-class debates, crazy pep rallies, and hanging out with students before and after class to hearing the things they want to chat about. 

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What do you believe is the most important thing about your job?   Being open and approachable with students in a way that shows that they are cared for and they are all important to the life of our school.

How have you seen students' lives changed as they encounter God at BCA?  I’ve seen students take on amazing acts of service that show a level of selflessness and compassion that breaks every stereotype of the common perception of teenagers.  I’ve seen a passion for Jesus and His Word that all of us would do well to emulate; as well as, hearts to forgive when wronged.  I have learned too that high school does not define a student. We are all on a journey with our walk with God – not all success stories happen in high school but many make their greatest changes in the years ahead.  As teachers, we just hope to plant some good seeds. 

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Shayla Alexander

Shayla Alexander is an alumna of Briercrest Christian Academy who returned to BCA as a teacher after completing her Bachelors of Education at the University of Saskatchewan. Her high school experience at BCA was marked by caring teachers, life-long friendships, and dorm dance parties. As both a Teacher and interim Recruitment Representative, her goal is to help young people have the same great high school experience she had.