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 From: Regina Saskatchewan Age: 27 Favorite food: Pizza and Wings. I could eat pizza all the time. My wife tempers it. Favorite hobby: I love following hockey and spending time with my growing family.


How did you end up at Briercrest: I had other career aspirations, but I wanted to take one year to solidify my faith. I wanted to learn more about the bible and grow in my faith. I ended up sticking around because of the relationships that I made here and then God called me into ministry.

How many years of college were you here: I was a student for eight years, my first three years I was a full-time student and played hockey. I was also an RA for two years in Whit 3. I left for a year to do a Youth Ministry internship at my home church in Regina and then I returned for another full-time year of college. After that year I took the BCA role, got married, and had a child, and began working as the Director of Discipleship.

We want to educate our students with a biblical worldview, but more importantly, we want to develop followers of Jesus.

What is your role: My role is the Director of Discipleship. I oversee the chapel program and our small group ministry. Chapel is our chance each week to pause what we are doing to acknowledge god and learn more about him. Small groups are a chance for students to wrestle with what they are learning about God in Chapels and classes in a safe environment. The main purpose is to provide each student with a mature Christ mentor and a space to wrestle with faith and life

VIDEO: Explore how discipleship and community work together at Briercrest Christian Academy.

What is your favorite part of your job? Getting to be on the front lines and getting to hear about what God is doing in their lives. I love the relationships with students, but even more so, I love hearing and observing what God is doing in their lives.

Why does discipleship matter and why is it such a big focus of what we do here? I believe that we are lost and hopeless if we don’t have Jesus and that’s why we exist as a Christian school. We want to educate our students with a biblical worldview, but more importantly, we want to develop followers of Jesus. It isn't just about passing along the information, we want our students to leave here as individuals who know Jesus and have a relationship with him.

Why should I consider BCA? Students are at a critical moment in their lives. They are forming their identities. BCA offers a space in which students are invited to form their identities in Christ, rather than what the world would say is beneficial.

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Shayla Alexander

Shayla Alexander is an alumna of Briercrest Christian Academy who returned to BCA as a teacher after completing her Bachelors of Education at the University of Saskatchewan. Her high school experience at BCA was marked by caring teachers, life-long friendships, and dorm dance parties. As both a Teacher and interim Recruitment Representative, her goal is to help young people have the same great high school experience she had.