Seminary Calendar

calendarcover.gifThe seminary calendar provides detailed information on degree and certificate programs, courses, academic policies, current faculty, and the history and mission of the school. Most of this information is also available throughout the seminary webpages.

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   Message from the President
   Mission Statement
   Our History
   Modular Education
   Continuing and Distance Education (CDE)
   Academic Life
   Student Responsibility
   The Student Success Centre
   Student Classification (Status)
   Admissions Requirements
   Semester/Credit Hour Information
   Residency Requirement
   Taking Courses at another University or Seminary
   Program Completion and Curricular Change
   Program Changes
   Shared Credit in Degree Programs
   Experiential Integration Requirements
   Research Requirements
   Learning Portfolio and Interview
   Academic Load
   Academic Advising
   Grade Scale
   Course Schedules
   Course Registration Procedures
   Course Drop Procedures
   Class Attendance Policy
   Auditing Courses
   Upgrading a Course from Audit to Credit
   Changing from Credit to Audit
   Course Withdrawal
   Senior Citizens Tuition Discount
   Repeating a Failed Course
   Course Reinstatement-Seminary Policy
   Grade Recalculation Policy
   Grade Recalculation Process
   Grade Review Policy
   Assignment Submission
   Late Assignment Policy
   Return of Graded Assignments
   Academic Honesty and Personal Integrity
   Academic Intervention
   Academic Review and Appeal Process
   Subject to Change Statement
   Master of Divinity
      Pastoral Ministry Concentration
      Specialized Ministry Concentration
   Master of Arts in Biblical Languages and Exegesis
   Master of Arts in Leadership and Management
   Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Counselling
   Master of Arts (Theological Studies)
      Theology Concentration
      Old Testament Concentration
      New Testament Concentration
   Master of Christian Ministries
   Certificate of the Seminary
   Certificate of Denominational Studies

Addendum 1: New Academic Policies

Foreign Credential Verification Policy

Student Record Retention Policy

Withdrawal and Discontinuation Policy

Residency Requirement (revised October 17, 2014)

The Seminary requires a minimum of 30 credit hours of course work completed in residence for the Master of Divinity and Master of Arts programs. The Seminary requires a minimum of 12 credit hours of course work completed in residence for the Certificate of the Seminary and a minimum of 21 credit hours of course work completed in residence for the Master of Christian Ministries. The residency requirement can be fulfilled by any course that would appear on a transcript at the seminary level. For professional degrees (Master of Divinity, Master of Christian Ministries, MA Leadership and Management, MA Marriage and Family Counselling), up to two-thirds of the program may be fulfilled through Continuing and Distance Education (CDE) courses. For all other programs, there is no limit on the use of CDE courses.

Archived Seminary Calendars

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