Business Administration

Bachelor of Arts

This program is designed to provide students with a well-rounded course of business education that is rooted in and enhanced by studies in biblical studies, theology, and arts and science.

The BA in Business Administration is designed to give students an overview of the field of business while specializing in one particular area. Students graduating from this program also obtain a business diploma from the Saskatchewan Polytechnic (Palliser campus) in Moose Jaw with one of the concentrations listed below.Studying

Saskatchewan Polytechnic is a province-wide network of post-secondary training institutions that has a graduate placement rate consistently above 90 per cent. Students in the BA in Business Administration must spend a minimum of one year of study at Saskatchewan Polytechnic.

Past graduates have pursued many types of careers including that of a business manager, entrepreneur, accountant, service technician, banking service provider, business development consultant, and many other occupations.

Who, What and Why

Whether you want to go into business or just manage your finances well, taking business classes will help you. They'll give you confidence, improve your problem-solving, communication, and management skills, and give you the knowledge and practical experience you need to use them effectively.

Wherever you go in life, basic knowledge of things like mortgages, compound interest, annuities, and accounting can help you in a number ways-your personal search for a home, with future investments and budgeting, and in saving for your children's education.

Why Briercrest?

1) Well-rounded education

At Briercrest, we're not just giving you the opportunity to learn business skills. We're offering you a full undergraduate education that includes strong, biblically-rooted teaching on morality and ethics, sound biblical interpretation skills, Christian theology, and current Christian ministry practices.

Your Briercrest degree will also help establish you as a man or woman of integrity-a very important quality for employers.

You'll take 36 hours of arts and science courses-something you won't get in a two-year business program or a Bachelor of Commerce.

An arts and science education will equip you with the following competencies that will help you succeed in the business world:

  • clear communication
  • critical, precise thinking
  • imaginative approaches to problem-solving
  • adaptability
  • creativity
  • continuous learning
  • productive relationships with others

2) Theory meets practicality

In your fourth year, you'll take specialized business classes designed to help you apply what you know and believe to real-life scenarios from the business world. You'll examine case studies, business literature, and many other sources of information that will teach you about problem-solving, human relations, and business ethics.

3) Six years' worth of classes in four

When you complete your year of study at Saskatchewan Polytechnic, you'll get a business diploma in accounting, administration, financial services, human resource management, or marketing. When you graduate from Briercrest College and Seminary, you'll receive a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration. Essentially, you're getting six years' worth of classes in four years.

Our Saskatchewan Polytechnic Affiliation


In order to provide you with a balance of theoretical and practical learning, Briercrest College and Seminary has partnered with the Saskatchewan Polytechnic, Saskatchewan's provincially-chartered and accredited technical institute. You'll spend one of your four years there specializing in either accounting, administration, financial services, human resource management, or marketing.

Saskatchewan Polytechnic is the primary public educational institution for both skills training and technical education. It is also internationally
recognized, and it has partnered with various businesses and industries in order to match its curriculum with employment needs in the workplace, providing students with great networking opportunities.

Saskatchewan Polytechnic has a graduate placement rate that is consistently above 90 percent, and it is only 20 minutes away from the Briercrest campus.

Graduation Requirements

Saskatchewan Polytechnic

Students will complete a modified version of the four-year BA degree Core Curriculum, as well as 4 semesters of Service Learning. As part of their graduation requirements, all four-year BA students will also complete the Senior Portfolio (PRT 400).

Degree Requirements (120 credit hours)

BA Core Curriculum for Partnership Degrees (45 credit hours)

Required Courses (33 credit hours):

ADM 367 Principles of Leadership and Administration*
BU 201 Introduction to Marketing*
BU 211 Financial Accounting*
BU 214 Professional and Technical Writing*
BU 350 Human Resource Management*
CMP 315 Management Information Systems*
ECON 100 Microeconomics*
ECON 101 Macroeconomics*
MATH 110 Financial Mathematics*
STAT 200 Introduction to Statistical Methods
BU 400 Senior Seminar
*indicates courses that are best to be completed before attending Saskatchewan Polytechnic (if the chosen concentration is not Business Management at Briercrest)

Business Management Concentration (24 credit hours):

Students choosing the Business Management concentration at Briercrest will take the following courses:
ADM 200 Organizational Behaviour
BU 100 Introduction to Business Management
BU 212 Managerial Accounting
BU 220 Business Law
BU 320 Corporate Finance
BU 330 Operations Management
BU 430 Strategic Management
BU 400 Senior Seminar

Saskatchewan Polytechnic Concentration (30 credit hours):

Students choosing one of the following concentrations will attend Saskatchewan Polytechnic for one year:
Financial Services (Banking)
Human Resource Management

Non-Credit Requirements:

PRT 400 Senior Portfolio
SL 1-4 Service and Experiential Learning

Mark Ahlseen, PhD
Associate Professor of Economics
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Michel Bell, MSc
Adjunct Professor of Business Administration
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Barb Elich, MA
Instructor in Business Administration
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Paul Magnus, PhD
Distinguished Professor of Leadership and Management, President Emeritus
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Steve Robitaille, MBA
Instructor in Business Administration
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Q: Why shouldn't I just take a two-year business diploma?
A: Because for only two more years of schooling, you'll get a Bachelor of Arts degree, which will not only increase your ability to perform well and get ahead in the workplace, but also give you credibility with potential employers. Canada's working population is more educated than ever before, and a bachelor's degree will help you be competitive in the workplace and earn a competitive salary. Furthermore, a diploma will often only teach you the skills you need in the workplace, and it takes far more than skills to succeed. You need to be able to think broadly and critically, solve problems, lead, and work effectively with people.

Q: Why not take a degree in commerce instead?
A: In today's marketplace, a well-rounded education is invaluable. Research has shown that the majority of presidents, CEOs, and business executives have a background in arts and science. Studying the humanities gives you problem-solving, critical thinking, and learning abilities that are essential to advancement in the business world. In most commerce programs, you'll receive about 100 credit hours of business classes and only a few arts and science courses. At Briercrest, we offer you the best of both worlds. In addition to your business training, you'll receive 36 credit hours of arts and science courses that will round out your education and give you an edge in the marketplace.

Q: I'm not very good at math. Can I still get a BA in business?
A: Yes! Degrees in marketing and human resource management have very few classes that deal directly with mathematics. Depending on your area of study, you'll have to take only two mandatory math classes.

Q: What happens after I graduate?
A: A Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration will equip you for further education, the workforce, or ministry. Briercrest business graduates have gone on to become accountants, business managers, entrepreneurs, account managers, auditors, administrators, and retail managers.

Q: What are classes like?
A: The business classes at Briercrest are very personal and interactive. With an average of 19 students in each class, you'll be able work closely and develop relationships with both your professors and your peers. To see and hear this for yourself, take a virtual tour of the campus or watch a podcast (coming soon) to see a business class occurring in real time!