Jacob Baribeau

Team: Men's Hockey Position: Forward Jersey Number: 7 Hometown: Dorchester, ON Birthdate: 1993 Year of eligibility: 1 Program: BA Business Administration


Favorite quote?

  • The challenge in front of you is never as big as the power behind you


Greatest moment in life so far? Athletically?

  • Scoring 2 goals in a minor league Ontario Championship final game. 
  • Accepting Christ in my life. 


Five famous people i would like to spend a day with.

  • King David, Alexander the Great, King David, Morgan Freeman, Jesus


Best advice given

  • Don't cut through the middle of the ice with your head down


What Bible verse has most impacted you life.

  • Psalms 23. I knew it as a small kid and have often gone back to it when I need comfort. 


Career Ambition.

  • To become a small business owner and build my business from the ground up


Biggest influence on my life.

  • My dad. He has taught me so much about life.



  • Movie: Gladiator
  • Superhero: Batman 
  • Meal: Steak and mashed potatoes with lots of other yummy stuff 
  • Clothing: T-shirt 
  • Course: Business Math 
  • Vacation: Any cottage on a beautiful lake 
  • Scent/smell: Fresh cut grass
  • Team: Toronto Maple Leafs 
  • Fav Athlete: joe Sakie 
  • Music: Country