Heartbreak loss to Keyano

Kara Harms | Jan 11, 2014
James Wohlgeschaffen lead the way with 17 points. James Wohlgeschaffen lead the way with 17 points.James Wohlgeschaffen lead the way with 17 points.
James Wohlgeschaffen lead the way with 17 points. James Wohlgeschaffen lead the way with 17 points.Wolverton gives and gives with 5 assists.

An intense, tight-scoring game for the Briercrest men’s basketball team against the Keyano Huskies ended in a disappointing loss, leaving Briercrest on the downside of 78-84.

The game got off to a quick start with the score tight from the first quarter already. Keyano opened the score 4-0 before Christian Sacoman shot a three from the corner. Briercrest pulled into the lead 10-8 and Keyano retaliated, taking the lead 15-12. Sacoman came out of Briercrest’s time out with another three, tying it up. Briercrest ended the quarter down 15-23.

The second quarter opened with a three-pointer from Ryan Fox, 18-23. Briercrest nearly allowed a turnover but Fox scored a buzzer-beater in the nick of time, 22-26. James Wohlgeschaffen was on a roll scoring consecutively until the score reached 31-34. Briercrest trailed just behind Keyano, and a short pass under the basket from Josh Dalzell to Friesen ignited excitement to end the first half behind 35-42.
Excitement grew as the score remained tight in the third quarter. Josiah Cockrill sunk a three early on, adding to the ever-growing momentum, 40-48. Justin Wolverton immediately followed suit with a three-pointer of own. Briercrest kept chipping away and the gap gradually lessened. Behind 51-54, Cockrill sunk a three, evening out the score at 54-54. Not to be easily overtaken, Keyano forged ahead and Briercrest ended the third quarter just shy of the lead 60-62.

Wolverton dropped a three in the bucket to open Briercrest’s score in an intense final quarter 63-66. Keyano extended their lead to a six-point gap, which Briercrest fought hard to combat. Wolverton dropped in another three coming up 76-81. The Clippers drove in another bucket, coming as close as 78-81. Foul trouble gave Keyano easy scoring opportunity and Briercrest ended just shy of victory 78-84.

Players of the game were Serge Khayipangi of the Keyano Huskies with one steal, four assists, seven rebounds and 30 points and Briercrest’s James Wohlgeschaffen with a high of five steals, two assists, a high of ten rebounds and 17 points. Justin Wolverton had a high of five assists.

Briercrest travels to play Augustana next weekend, January 17-18. Games are at 8:00pm on Friday and 3:00pm on Saturday.