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Get to know Alex Cheing

Where are you from?

I am from Sibu, Malaysia but I am proud to call Canada my home.

Where have you studied, and where have you taught before this?

I obtained my Bachelor of Business Studies degree from Charles Sturt University, Australia. I studied a Master of Science at Open University Malaysia and completed my Doctor of Philosophy at Asia e University, Malaysia in the field of Business Administration. Before joining Briercrest, I taught at Methodist Pilley Institute—also a Christian-centred institution in Malaysia. 

What got you started in business? 

I was fascinated by the role of strategy in helping businesses grow and sustain. Michael Porter, the famous management author, once quoted, "The essence of strategy is choosing what not to do." A well-thought strategic plan often leads to competitive advantage. 

What interests you most about the world of business now?

Globalization effects on a micro-level. The dynamics of world trade (for example tariffs and government policy) often have great impact on revenue. A recent finding by Innovation, Science, and Economic Development Canada revealed only half of new small and medium enterprises (SMEs) survive their fifth year of operation. How small business owners navigate these challenges is one of my research interests.

Is there a class you’re looking forward to teaching here? Why?

I will be teaching Introduction to Marketing (BU 201) and Business Law (BU 220) in the upcoming fall semester. By the grace of God, I gained valuable insights into cross-functional areas of Business Administration throughout my period of work in multinational corporations before entering academia. I am excited to share my knowledge and industry experience with Briercrest students as part of their learning journey.  

Outside of the classroom, what are some of your other interests?

My interests include traveling, playing soccer, badminton, table tennis, cycling, and walking. I also enjoy reading and volunteer work.

If you could describe your teaching style in a few words, what would they be?

"Blended approach" — applying the most appropriate one for the specific situation. 

Welcome to Briercrest, Dr. Cheing! Learn more about Business at Briercrest College on our website, and look for more faculty introductions coming to the Briercrest Blog soon!

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People set you up here to succeed. They support you even when bad times happen, teaching you why and deepening your faith in God. It's like our chaplain says, "It's a giant youth group." But it's even a bit more than that. It's a family.
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